LINEMA LP-70M08 Container Trolley


Transport of ULD containers / pallets of maximum gross weight 5000 kg / 11023 lbs in regular operations, and 7000 kg / 15432 lbs in intermittent operations.

Operation mode, “end loading – side towing” stops and guides for small containers are provided optionally.

All stops are of “hook – type” and are manually operated by levers from both sides.

The dollies are simple to handle, and require minimum maintenance.

Modular design enables to reduce maintenance cost thanks to parts unification within other products – container dollies.

LINEMA LP-70 Pallet dollies are safe in operation, and meet all IATA AHM requirements.

Weight approx.
1150 kg
Weight capacity
7000 kg
Towing speed
25 km/h
For containers
LD-4 / LD-8 / LD-6 / LD-11 / LD-7 / LD-26 / LD-29 / LD-36 / LD-39
For containers (optionaly)
2x LD-1 / LD-3
For pallets
2438 x 3175 mm