Orthogon ODS™ Open Platform


With the ODS Toolbox™, Orthogon has acquired a worldwide reputation as a specialist for air traffic Controller Working Positions (CWP) development software. Since its market entry in 1994 the ODS Toolbox™ has been accepted by many large Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and system integrators as the tool of choice for graphical user interface development.

Performance for Human Machine Interface (HMI) development

The ODS Toolbox™ is a precursor and prepared the development and market entry of the newly developed ODS™ Open Platform, which became the standard user interface software platform for all new customer projects of Orthogon since 2013. The SWIM Master Class 2013 award in November 2013 in the “Applications” category had only become possible thanks to its versatility and improved development time and costs. The ODS™ Open Platform concept converts 25 years of ODS Toolbox™ experience into a flexible modular programming environment enabling collaborative development with multiple contributors.

A Platform for lifelong HMI development flexibility


  • Quality and safety critical applications: Quality level and safety regime adaptable from prototyping to operation
  • Parallel workflows: Allows collaboration between experts and with a software development team to create and maintain consistent, appealing user interfaces
  • Development flexibility: Platform architecture ensures lifelong flexibility for constantly changing environments all the time
  • No “Throw-away prototyping”: Functions and interfaces to evolve simultaneously at their individual speeds
  • Automatic regressions tests: Various automatic tests, which may be extended by test engineers, reduces time and cost of manual tests
  • Combined high performance and platform independency: Utilises pure Java