Powered Roller ( Handling Automation)


The definitive upgrade for your vehicle!

Powered Rollers for Air cargo and ULD containers transport are the system used for the automatic movement of pallets, inside warehouses and on trailers.
A solution that allows you to move automatically even the heaviest load and make loading/unloading operations quick and easy.

The DC 24V Powered Rollers are lifted by a pneumatic bag, transmitting the towing force to the load. The polyurethane-coated cylinder contains an electric motor with planetary reduction gear inside, which exerts a tangential force equal to or greater than 2600 N (260 kg). Used together with our ROLLERTRACK system, they make loading / unloading and goods handling operations quick and easy. The electric control box can also be equipped with the overcurrent control system developed by Moveco Systems. The current consumption is controlled and monitored by dedicated module. The motor power supply will be disabled when a certain absorption threshold is exceeded in order to prevent overloads on the electric motor.

When installed on board vehicles, they use the trailer pneumatic system and can be used anytime and anywhere

Can be used by any business: from ULD containers to aero engines or other heavy loads.


  • SAFETY: the movement is operated from outside, with the operator being at a safety distance.
  • EASYNESS: roller, motor and connections are contained in a box whose installation is extremely easy.
  • COSTS: allow to save time and labor.
  • PRACTICITY: easy and quick to clean, reduced maintenance.


  • Standard box powered roller: Best seller! Suitable for most systems.
  • Low box powered roller: Suitable for those who need to install the powered rollers in the neck of the semi-trailer

Height:  Standard box: 191mm / Low box: 154,5mm

Roller: Ø152x315mm

Tangential force: 2600 N

Rated speed:  ~ 0,09 m/s

Rated power: 0,5 Kw

Idle current: ~ 12-14 A

Switch off current: 30÷33 A

Electric supply: 24 Vdc

Weight: Standard box: ~ 44 Kg / Low box: ~ 56 Kg