ReMovable Rollertrack (Re-Movable ULD Cargo Handling System)


A smart evolution for existing vehicles!

ReMovable Rollertrack set-up is the best solution to transform your existing vehicle in a perfect ULD cargo handling transport.
Ideal for Air cargo and ULD containers, can be installed on top of any flat surface.

The movable platforms, made using structural grade aluminium, are 2400 mm wide, with several lengths up to approximately 3800 mm and a thickness of as little as 53 mm! In each section there are integrated 4 or 5 pneumatic roller tracks, dependant on the weights to be carried and the surfaces are designed to prevent slipping. Can be supplied with double roller (Bi-Rollertrack) or with single roller Ø50 L=50mm. A trailer can be converted into a vehicle suitable for air cargo / road feeder services by simply placing 4 movable platforms behind each other. The movable platforms are laid on the vehicle and fastened to the floor using fixing brackets. A simple STAINLESS STEEL control box, installed outside the vehicle, without additional air reservoirs but connected to the air truck pneumatic system, is provided for the pneumatic lifting of the roller tracks.

A safety electro-pneumatic auto-down system is installed in each control box in order to prevent rollers up when in transit.

The system does not need to be permanently installed in the vehicle, it can be simply laid onto the truck floor.



  • This system is modular and interchangeable and can be used in most commercial vehicles, such as box vans, trailers, curtainsiders, as well as refrigerator trucks.
  • The movable platforms can easily be moved between vehicles within your fleet.
  • In case of replacement or when renting, the movable platforms can be removed and reused. The installation of the movable platforms can be completed in a matter of a few hours.
  • The movable platforms can be easily and quickly cleaned and washed thanks to the water drains provided by the manufacturer. This movable system can be used aboard swap bodies, supplied with a specific control box.

Get maximum performance with a custom design!
Our solutions are custom designed based on the customer’s need. The type of equipment your vehicle will receive will depend on the size of the ULD pallet and the information you provide to us. In this way your ULD Cargo vehicle will be able to offer you maximum performance.


Roller: Ø50x50mm / 2xØ50x15mm
Pitch: from 121mm to 175mm
Plate thickness: 53mm