Rotary Ground Power Supply – R POWER



Central. Efficient. Proven.

The extremely robust rotating 400 Hz converters are particularly overload-capable, maintenance-free and durable. They are usually arranged centrally in a network and supply a 400 Hz distribution network with several outlets.

Depending on the power requirements, new, additional converters can be synchronized with converters that are already running using load management. This ensures that the converters supplying the system are always optimally utilized and that the overall system is extremely efficient and economically sustainable. In order to be able to compensate the voltage drops over the entire length of the line, HITZINGER offers compensation systems developed in-house.

R POWER stands for robust, long-lasting 400 Hz converters. The proven quality defies even difficult operating conditions without loss of performance. The well thought-out construction and the ingenious design ensure optimized efficiency, low maintenance and easy operation.

Power: 40 to 315 kVA

Drive: asynchronous or synchronous motor

Input voltage: 3 x 200 V or 3×380 V or 3×400 V or 3×440 V or 3×480 V or 3×690 V

Input frequency: 50 or 60 Hz

Output voltage: 200/115 VAC, 575/333 VAC, 960/555

VAC Frequency: 400 Hz Distortion factor: 1.5%