Solid state ground power unit – 400 Hz


The Powervamp PV90-3 is a third generation mobile electrical ground power (MEGP) unit designed specifically to meet the sensitive power requirements of today’s modern aircraft.

The PV90-3 uses a 12-pulse rectifier to provide improved input harmonics and power factor without compromising quality or reliability.

With all power stage components housed in a unique single pull-out module, downtime and fault finding are no longer a problem. In the pressured front line operating environment of airports, the PV90-3 is a converter that does not require the support of trained technicians.

The latest aircraft with electric air-conditioning packs and electric start can demand 90kW from a 90kVA FEGP installation. The use of on-board air-con can also require large power loads for extended time periods.

The Powervamp PV90-3 converter is designed to meet this demand by providing the ground power to run the electrical systems of all next generation aircraft.

Continuously delivering a genuine 90kW, (significantly more than the 90kVA – 72kW which is the generally quoted power), requires the generous sizing of electrical and electronic components and the ability to dissipate the heat generated at continuous full load.

Many competitors’ products are often sized for short duration, high output only, with some concentrating on overall size reduction at the expense of full load performance. Powervamp, through practical tests and operating experience, has taken a comprehensive approach to its technical design.

The PV90-3 also features an extra large high-definition, user friendly, integrated display with simple controls that allow interrogation of all parameters and functions such as automatic line drop compensation.

The latest version, called PV90-4 will be released soon.