TRAX Modular Beam Mounted Seating System


TRAX is a modular beam mounted seating system, available in continuous lengths from two to seven runs without the need for intermediary leg supports.

It is an exceptionally versatile modular passenger system, using a standard chassis supplied with OMK’s wide range of seat finishes. This allows the user post-installation flexibility, accommodating changing passenger profiles.

Optional seat finishes include polyester, powder-coated steel; self-skinned, moulded polyurethane and saddle-stitched coach-hide, which may be fully upholstered in a wide range of materials. OMK also offers various foot and arm options.

In addition to low-back standard seats, further interchangeable options include high-back, foot rests, group seating pods and integral power / USB charging stations.

TRAX has been designed to provide maximum visibility for security purposes.

Seat and back panels can be replaced in-situ using a single tool and are spaced to avoid dirt and fluid retention. The system also allows for a table to be fixed in place of an individual seat.


  • Guaranteed against structural failure for a minimum of 25 years.
  • Has been independently tested by FIRA to withstand 25 years of heavy contract use in accordance with BS EN 15373.
  • Metal components are finished for interior and exterior use and are UV stable.
  • All components can be coloured to any RAL colour.
  • Has been tested to and exceed the fire-rating requirements set out in BS5852 crib source 0, 1 and 5 and are approved for use in public waiting areas.

Fire Resistance

All seating products and tables supplied by OMK have been tested to and exceed the fire-rating requirements set out by British Standard BS5852 crib source 0, 1 and 5 and are approved for use in public waiting areas.

Key Design Features

  • The seat comprises of individual panels, allowing them to be easily replaced in situ in the event of damage without the necessity to replace or repair the whole seat.
  • A gap between the seat and back eliminates dirt accumulation and allows any spilt liquids to drain immediately.
  • Panels incorporate a substantial radius at both the front of the seat and top of the back. This stops the possibility of injury due to accidental impact. The radius to the top of the back can be used as a neck or arm rest, provides a natural space when the seats placed back to back eliminating head clash, and prevents damage to vertical walls surfaces when the unit is placed against them.
  • All panels are interchangeable allowing in-house maintenance staff to easily change the specification should future passenger profiles change.
  • Armrests may be added or subtracted as they are not integral to the seat and the fixings remain common on all beam configurations.
  • Injection moulded polyurethane panels are formed around an integral steel sheet and self-coloured throughout.
  • A triangular anodised aluminium support beam allows up to 7 seats to be fitted with the need for only 2 leg supports minimising floor interference for cleaning purposes. The shape is also self shedding eliminating dust accumulation and facilitating easy cleaning.
  • The standard square tables follow the same module as the seat units and therefore may be juxtaposed in any position as the beams carry the necessary fixings for either seat or table.
  • Tables are double sided allowing them to be reversed in the event of surface damage and incorporate through fixings to facilitate this.