VDS Console


VDS was conceived to allow a perfect synergy between creativity, comfort and excellent usability. The VDS console adapts the working area and transforms it into a more efficient environment.

The modularity and flexibility of its design grants having unlimited configurations that allows adapting this console to any type of control room project. It adapts to the number of operators that work inside the control room, the shape of it and the necessity of the working environment.

These features facilitate any re-configuration or structural /technological changes needed in a control room at any time in the future.

Key advantages:

The ergonomics of VDS are its main advantage: it gives the users comfort, minimizes fatigue and muscular problems, allows a perfect control of the viewing angles, includes a smart cable management and offers wide storage spaces for equipment and working materials.

Smart structure: VDS is made of an aluminum and phenolic base with an aluminum sheet. The console can be customizable meeting customer requirements.

Each console includes a series of auxiliar solutions for covering all key areas within any control room. These solutions include crisis/meeting desks, workstations for supervisor positions and offices, auxiliary furniture and reception desks.

  • Feet configurations: simple, simple short, drawers, short drawers, 8U drawers, 11U Rack.
  • Steel, glass, methacrylate and/or phenolic finishes.
  • Steel 11U Rear Panel.
  • Steel & Aluminium Cable Duct with angle configuration (2.5˚,5˚, 7.5˚,45˚).
  • Steel Modesty Panel 20mm and steel cable top.
  • Steel & phenolic Rear Equipment Cabinets.
  • Auxiliary Furniture: Credenza and Cabinets with feet/castors with steel, and phenolic finishes.
  • Desk Power Strips.
  • Conference & Coni Power Strips.
  • Single, double or multiple monitor arm support.