WideStar 24/7 Console


Widestar 24×7 is created to cover the necessities of companies that have a constant load of work 365x24x7. The adjustable sit/stand height enables to change position (sitting or standing) without leaving your workstation.

Sit/stand mechanism: Our body is meant to move, using Widestar 24/7 you will be able to move in a natural way. It has a sit/stand mechanism designed to provide the users the possibility of changing positions without interrupting their work.

The use of fine mechanisms like the Soft-close system used for doors and for the upper lid on top of the board, which provides easy opening and closing, smooth movement completely noiseless.

The lifting columns system that has a braking mechanism to have a gentle board regulation, it is used a remote control with a display that shows any failure during the lifting.

Logo: Widestar 24×7 can be customized with the client logo or corporate image, the logos are located on both side of the console.

Interior cabinet: Having a cabinet in the structure allows the operators to have a perfect and individual control of the equipment. The configuration of this cabinet allows and easy access to the equipments for fitting and maintenance.

  • Lifting columns system with braking mechanism to have a gentle board regulation
  • Remote control with a display that shows any failure during the lifting
  • Compact phenolic panel and it is manufactured in two different widths 1200mm and 1500mm
  • Phenolic panel with ventilation slots
  • Two doors fitted at the rear for easy access and easy maintenance of the equipment
  • Fully customizable boards
  • 70×50 anodized aluminium duct, prepared to install 45×45 universal data, voice, power andmultimedia connectors complying with the necessities of each one of the operators.
  • Possibility of installing a customized profile of 570 and 770 mm mounted inside the structure to fit PDUs
  • Wide working, storage and connections space
  • All LED accessories work with 12 volts and direct current