WideStar Console


WideStar is a highly durable and resistant console, specifically conceived for demanding working environments

Its modular and flexible design, allows an easy configuration and enlargement if there is any distribution change in the room.

WideStar allows reconfiguring its standard structure based on the number of operators and the needs of the environment; it also offers a wide variety of board options with smart configurations that can be adapted to the shape of the room.

WideStar boards can be straight, curvy or cornerback, for individual or multiple use, fixed or regulated, with an unlimited number of possible configurations, and can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Its smart structural design combines the strength of phenolic with the robustness and stability of iron. WideStar has a durable and resistant structure, with a flexible interior and Intelligent Cable Management System, designed to be used in mission critical environments.

Wide Star offers the suitable accessories and connection (Data, voice and power) which optimise the functionality of the console: Flat screen support, Wall support, Desk support, Monitors support, CPU holder.

  • Steel Structure
  • 11U 19” mounts for equipments,
  • Horizontal duct for cabling
  • Fixed or telescopic tray for equipments.
  • Side and central foot for straight and corner configuration, convex or concave central foot for curve configurations
  • Integrated equipment Cabinet with Intelligent Cable Management System and customisable configurations. Designed to organize the cabling and to separate, voice data and power inside the console, two configurations of tray inside its structure —fixed and the telescopic trays—and 2 11U 19”
  • Duct System
  • Aluminium connectivity bar
  • High pressure laminated phenolic boards with 18mm thickness, M2 class (M1 class available on request)
  • Board Configurations:
    • Straight for one or multiple operators,
    • Convex with angles that can go from 2. 5˚-7. 5˚,
    • Concave with an angle range of 2.5˚-7.5˚,
    • Corner board for corner console configuration
  • Extra Components: LED Embellisher Kit, LED logo kit, small storage working materials
  • Single, double or multiple monitor arm support