Voice/Data Recording and Replay System-VRS


Voice/Data Recording and Replay System (VRS) has a proven track record system in civilian applications including Air Traffic Control Management (Tower and ACC Applications).

ONUR ORS-IP2000 (VRS) has been designed with an “open architecture” approach. Any new recording requirements can easily be accommodated with flexible hardware and software adaptation.

3rd party interfaces can easily be adapted to our recording solution and similarly, VRS can also be interfaced with other systems through industry standard interfaces and protocols.

The system employs state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the data is recorded in its original state with proper time stamps, as well as necessary security measures to ensure authorized access.

ORS-IP2000 is fully compliant with ED 137 standards to ensure trouble-free and seamless integration with 3rd party systems.

Limitless Expansion

  • Multiple server hardware can be cascaded to create bigger virtual servers.
  • Storage capacity can be expanded to take advantage of external systems for a virtually limitless recording medium.


  • Redundant power supplies and network connections
  • Different levels of RAID for data redundancy

Key Facts

  • Inherent high availability
  • Supports legacy and IP voice and data interfaces
  • Fully compliant to EUROCAE ED 137
  • Compatible with network centric operations
  • Easy adaptability
  • Easy maintainability

Key Features

  • Open system architecture
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability
  • Redundant network topology
  • Redundant server architecture
  • Main/hot stand-by server configuration

Recording Capabilities

  • Voice Communication: The main recording requirement in command and control applications is to record all voice communication traffic.
    ORS-IP2000 can interface with common analog and digital audio interfaces.
  • At-the-glass Recording: ORS-IP2000 can interface with 3rd party manufacturers to record and replay industry standard VGA/DVI/HDMI screen captures.

Replay Capabilities

  • Web Based Replay: All of the recorded data can be replayed using ORS-IP2000’s integrated web based interface. There is no more need to install and support a specialized replay application for different operating systems and platforms.
  • Data Export: Recorded audio, video and data can be exported to external storage devices using common audio and video containers so that they can be played in other medium.
  • Re-Stream: Recorded data can also be streamed back to external systems. This enables tight integration capabilities with new generation CWP applications.

Reporting and Management

  • Access Control and Authentication: Access to the recorded media is handled with the utmost security. There are multiple levels of integrated security measures such as multi-factor authentication.
  • Reporting, Alarm Management and Event Logs: A very comprehensive set of reporting tools are provided within the system. Different thresholds can be configured for critical resources to notify system administrators in advance of a potential failure.
  • System Management: The system can be managed through a web interface which allows users to access remote systems easily without the necessity of dedicated applications.