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  • VersaCart - Fixed Length Cart Locking Security Seal

    The VersaCart is a padlock-shaped security seal designed to fit into the recess of a catering cart or an atlas trolley.
  • Security Tape

    Security tape is an affordable and simple solution for protecting important shipments. This tamper evident security tape quickly tells you if someone has opened your parcel while in storage or between it leaving the factory …
  • Security Solutions for Airports

    We are here to help businesses stay on top of their security systems, through providing the perfect security solution. With the need to limit and control access to sensitive data and specific areas within the …
  • Airport Guardian

    From hire to retire, Airport Guardian software centralizes and automates the airport employment lifecycle, including Criminal History Records Checks (CHRC) subscription and maintenance, proactively enforcing compliance through built-in regulatory controls. With the ability to leverage …
  • AirportGateway®

    AirportGateway is the perfect solution for any airport looking to streamline, manage and automate airport ID pass applications, increase compliance, reduce insider threat and improve security for both staff and passengers. Our globally recognised solution allows …
  • Information and Service Podiums

    Parabit podiums are designed to enhance customer experience, increase operational efficiency and improve airport security. Stock and custom options provide convenient, centralized locations for travellers to receive information and services. Fixed, mobile and modular solutions …
  • MW1000AA Body Inspection System

    NUCTECH™ MW1000AA is a high-performance, proven people screening solution designed and manufactured by NUCTECH. The device uses safe, millimeter radio wave (MMW) technology to automatically detect concealed objects hidden inside or under clothing, including but …
  • Discreet Camera Enclosures

    Discreet cameras and enclosures allow for facial image capture supporting edge analytics, KYC, AI and biometrics. Flexible installation options include ticket counters, gate podiums, facility entries & exits, and more. Doorway: covert capture of facial …
  • Security screening furniture

    USM Security screening furniture offers the option of a brushed stainless steel reinforced surface. This can be applied to the recheck console, transportation table, re-vest table and explosive trace detection (ETD) cabinet. All units can …
  • Hawk Seal – Reusable Padlock Seal

    Fantastic New Airline Catering Cart Security Seal, already used by the world’s biggest low-cost airlines! The Hawk Lock and Hawk Seal is our new revolutionary reusable, two-piece padlock style, locking system. With a reusable padlock body …
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