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  • Swan Seal - Padlock Seal

    The TydenBrooks Swan Seal is manufactured in the UK and is specifically designed to indicate whether a locked item has been compromised. The Swan Seal is a cost effective, tamper evident, new generation padlock seal …
  • ProSight

    ProSight™ is a scalable, open architecture and cyber secure software platform that integrates security screening equipment, threat detection algorithms and other third-party data. The result is a centralized, enterprise management system that delivers actionable, real-time data …
  • Versapak Arrow Security Seals

    The Versapak Arrow Seal can be used with all types of bags that have an arrow style locking mechanism. It is available either Plain or numbered and in a range of colours.
  • Inflight Catering Thermal Bag – Reusable Security Bag

    The Inflight Thermal Bag is a custom made TydenPak which is designed to secure inflight catering such as hot food or dry ice for drink refreshments. The inside of the bag is insulated with foil …
  • Geryon Security Revolving Doors

    Geryon security revolving doors secure protected areas of a building against unauthorised entry and offer a variety of options for different levels of security. Scales or a separation sensor can also be used to monitor …
  • Security Bags & Pouches

    A wide range of security bags and pouches, including heavy-duty, multi-use bags and single use, polyethylene bags. Our re-usable tamper evident security bags and pouches designed for secure storage and made from high quality durable, …
  • Aluminum Cable Seal 1.5mm

    Hoefon 1.5mm Aluminum Cable Seals provide excellent anti-pilferage protection for the transportation industry. These versatile seals can be used for a wide range of applications, such as trolleys and cargo transport. Heat treated cable ends …
  • Sealbag A5

    The security bag is a strong envelope / tamper-evident bag for preventing fraud, theft, tampering, or just possible unnecessary discussions with your customer or supplier. Particularly suited for duty-free shopping, our sealbags are available in …
  • AFMAILER - AFTN/Email Gateway

    The Copperchase AFTN/Email Gateway application (AFMailer) an optional product which is part of the Copperchase AFGATE product range. AFMailer acts as a Gateway between the AFTN network and email. In operation, AFMailer receives AFTN messages from …
  • ProPassage

    The modular construction and flexibility of the Leidos ProPassage™ system allows each individual application to be designed and configured to produce an almost infinite number of layouts to suit each application – a real benefit …
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