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Airport Snow Clearing, De Icing, Snow Ploughs, Runway Sweepers, Snow Blowers

Aebi Schmidt manufacture, supply and service all types of Airport Snow Clearing Equipment including Snow Brushes, De Icers, Snow ploughs, Runway Sweepers and Snow blowers.  We provide unrivalled 24/7 after sales and parts supply throughout the UK and Ireland using dedicated, highly trained airport engineers.

Our commitment is to provide Total Lifetime Care to all our customers from initial consultation working with our dedicated Airport Technical Team, through to expert training and continuous customer service support.

As the leading supplier to UK Airports with over 30 years experience in the business of supplying Airport Snow Brushes, Runway Sweepers, De Icers, Snow Ploughs and Snow blowers we are proud to stand by our reputation for supplying the best possible solution to each individual Airport’s requirements.

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Company Profile

  • Airport Snow Removal and Snow Ploughs

    The Trailer Jet Sweeper (TJS) and Compact Jet Sweeper (CJS) have been specifically developed for clearing snow from airport runways, aprons, stands and taxiways.  The large clearing width, high operating speed and excellent manoeuvrability make these machines the best available.

    The TJS And CJS clear airport areas in three stages.  Firstly the snow plough pushes snow off to the side, then the rotary brushes sweep any remaining snow and ice followed by a hydraulically powered blower which generates a powerful air flow over the entire swept area.  The machines clear at a maximum speed of up to 60 km/h.

    The rotary brush is hydraulically raised and lowered using the Schmidt patented parallel lifting system ensuring the brush remains in even contact with the ground and optimizing brush life.

    The control panel within the CJS and TJS is the same used throughout the range of Schmidt Airport Equipment, allowing for ease of operation and familiarity.

  • Airport De Icing

    The Aebi Schmidt Airport Sprayer (ASP) was developed for de-icing airport runway and taxiways. The spray nozzles ensure highly accurate dosage of the de-icing liquid.  Spraying widths are available from 3m  up to an Industry leading 45m.

    Smaller units are available as a towable version (ASPT).  The ASP can operate at speeds of up to 45 km/h and dosages of up to 50gr/m².  Air injected nozzles placed close ensure swirling caused by turbulence is kept at a minimum.

    Spraying and dosage is controlled from in the cab meaning width and dosage can be regulated quickly and efficiently.  Deicing capacity varies from 5000l up to 20,000l.

  • Airport Runway Sweepers

    Safety at Airports is a top priority.  The high-speed sweeper (AS990) cleans all airside areas with outstanding sweeping efficiency so that follow-up damage caused by foreign objects is prevented.  Suitable for both civil and military applications the 9.5m³ hopper capacity enables clearing of debris, leaves, dirt and other objects on airport surfaces, as well as liquid substances such as de-icing material all in one go.

    The maximum sweeping speed of 40 km/h means the AS990 can clear an area of up to 140,000 m²/h. The control panel within the AS990 is the same used throughout the range of Schmidt Airport Equipment, allowing for ease of operation and familiarity.

    Either a Magnet or Snow Plough can be fitted to the front of the AS990 to maximize utilization.

    A Stand Cleaning version (ASC990) is also available for cleaning airport stands by applying a mixture of detergent and water and subsequently collected via the rear-mounted sweeping unit.

  • Airport Snow Blowers

    Our self propelled Snow Cutter Blower range (Supra 2001, 4002, 5001 and 10000) has been developed to clear snow from airport runways, taxiways and aprons.

    With a clearing capacity of between 2000 – 8000 t/h and maximum casting distance of 60m the machines are designed to take on the full range of snow removal tasks on runways, taxiways and ramps.

    Clearing widths vary from 2.4m up to a massive 3.9m. Thanks to the individually adjustable chute and hydraulically operated blower housing, the ejection distance can be infinitely adjusted from minimum to maximum even under full load.

    If snow contaminated with de-icing material  needs to be transported it is possible to easily load lorries in quick succession – a height adjustable operator cabin ensures a clear view at all times.

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