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atg airports has become a leading global manufacturer and installers of airfield ground lighting equipment. Providing world class expertise to meet the challenges of the customers around world, and being the first port of call for airports large and small. Offering a full suite of runway and taxiway lighting, power solutions, and control and monitoring systems with the in-house ability to deliver a full turnkey project.

From our UK head office, and multiple other locations, including USA, our challenge is to make project requirements easier. By listening to our customers, keeping their best interests in mind, being flexible with our approach, creative with our thinking, and always striving to make interacting with them an exceptional experience.

As the ONLY UK-based specialist AGL manufacturer and installer, we are structured to deliver the best solutions. Whether this be, the provision of a full turnkey design and installation package, the supply only of products, after sales support, or maintenance testing of systems, we will advise on your needs and provide you with a delivery proposal to fit your requirements.

Company Profile

  • Lighting solutions

    Taxiway and runway lighting fixtures have, over the years, changed with the advancement of technology. Our latest FX range, along with the familiar ZA lighting range, cover many of the lighting applications that are required within the airport infrastructure, utilizing either tungsten halogen or LED as the main light source. These fixtures are manufactured to meet international specifications including FAA, ICAO and MOS139. Although high intensity lighting solutions are utilised at many airports, there are also requirements for medium intensity and low intensity systems which to are also available within our lighting portfolio.

    The navigation of an aircraft from the runway around the taxiway infrastructure to the apron is assisted by the use of airfield guidance signs. The ‘clearway’ brand has evolved over the years and has now been expanded further with a more power efficient IR858I LED sign. Again, tested to international standards including ICAO and TP312 this well proven design has shown reliable, maintainability and contributed to the reduction of energy and maintenance costs.

  • Lighting control and monitoring systems

    Through years of experience working with airports around the world, it is understood that the needs of an airport today will differ from those tomorrow, or next year, or the next decade. Our airfield lighting control systems are specifically designed so they develop alongside the growth of the airport, contributing to an improved airfield control system over time.

    With the flexibility to control small airfields with a single runway, to an international hub with mutli-runway operations, SMART control offers solutions to enhance safety of aircraft movement with use of individual lamp control and monitoring.

  • Power solutions

    Designed to provide a high quality, regulated supply to achieve maximum performance, the ‘Micro’ range of microprocessor controlled constant current regulators offer solutions for tungsten halogen and LED lighting applications. With a multiple step power range from 1kVA to 30kVA and options of integral selector switches, safety cut out switch, communications modules and lighting arrestors the units offer flexibility to interface with any incumbent system. Meeting the international requirements of IEC, FAA, and ICAO is part of the design concept.

  • Turnkey solutions

    The ability to offer a full turnkey solution from design to commissioning is the focus of our in-house projects team. With a wealth of experience, including the rewire of runway and taxiway lighting systems, erection of approach and apron lighting masts, installation of power distribution equipment all achieved at small airfields, military installations and major international airports.

    As an approved ‘Safe Contractor Plus’ member, other offerings include the ability to provide limited civil works including the provision of pit and duct systems for AGL cabling, coring for light fixtures installations, and concrete bases for electrical equipment.

  • In brief:

    • Global Contracts: Our projects covers over 110 countries
    • History: We have 30+ years of experience
    • Creative Approach: Complex problems are our specialty
    • Client Care: We pride ourselves on working with the airport and the stakeholders to deliver first-class products and service.
    • Flexibility:We work with you, adhering to your airport’s schedules and regulations, in order to ensure minimum disruption.
    • Industry Standards: Our manufacturing facility and management quality control procedures are ISO:9001:2015 certified and is a fully approved ‘Safe Contractor Plus’ member.
    • Runway and taxiway lighting
    • Smart Control & Monitoring Systems
    • Constant Current Regulators
    • Taxiway guidance signs
    • Heliport Lighting
  • Global network of distributors and offices

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    USA Office
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