Stainless Steel Waste & Recycling Bins, Ashtrays

AUWEKO has been producing high-quality stainless-steel waste and recycling bins since 1993, and its products are a familiar sight all over the world: at international airports and train stations, amusement parks, shopping centers, hospitals, universities, trade fair venues and at many more locations. The products are known to be durable but yet elegant and unique.

The AUWEKO product range does not only include numerous recycling bins with a certified fire protection system but also a liquid disposal bin which was developed primarily for the use at security and baggage control at airports, to allow passengers to empty their personal bottles before entering areas where drinks and liquids are not allowed. Further it includes a transparent model which allows contents of the bin to be seen and is often used in public spaces or for example the extra robust Kendo series with vandalism protection which is popular for high frequented areas like stadiums, parks or railway stations.


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Company Profile

  • The design line with the high safety standard: The TEMPTATION series.

    An elegant, functional stainless steel contoured design line – our TEMPTATION series.

    Public, highly frequented areas with sophisticated architecture and design, e.g., airports, public transportation stations, exhibition centres, stadiums, hospitals or shopping centres, not only demand waste- and recycling collection systems with an elegant yet subtle design. Requirements for high safety standards are also prioritized. Demands which the AUWEKO TEMPTATION series fulfils brilliantly, and not only with its patented fire safety system (certified by the Linz/Austria Fire Protection Institute).

  • Clear lines with clear advantages: The SKYLINE series.

    Smart and minimalistic: SKYLINE is the name of a high-end recycling system which we have designed in 2017. As separation of recyclable materials is becoming increasingly complex, a system with clear contours and convincing benefits meets these requirements. The brushed stainless-steel surfaces are easy to maintain with standard cleaning agents: Shiny material that is predestined for continuous use and can withstand high stresses. The SKYLINE series combines the advantages of large capacity (100 litres per compartment), large openings and certified fire protection.

  • The bin that knows self-defence: The KENDO series.

    This new generation of litter bins offers some heavy-duty advantages: their particularly robust interiors and wall thickness of 2.0–3.0 mm mean that they are extremely well protected against vandalism. An innovative sealed coating on the surface which is oven-hardened at 200 degrees, makes it difficult for dirt to get a hold. Graffiti – even using permanent markers – can simply be wiped away without the need for harsh cleaning products. Unwanted stickers can be easily removed.

  • For a clean general impression: ASHTRAYS.

    Over the years AUWEKO has developed a wide range of pedestal ashtrays. Various types for all types of locations, whether platform, shopping-center or entrance areas.

    Different sizes and volumes, optional information surface or waste bin, easy to clean and very safe.

  • Recycling containers for “SPECIAL” demands.

    Even the most comprehensive product range may leave room for “special” demands. They might need to reflect the architectural features of a particular location or the character of the landscaping features. No problem for us, the high level of expertise is characterized with every special request or requirement we have fulfilled. Individual models like a tank-container for airports, a bin-garage, a recycling bin including a compartment for fire-extinguishers or transparent “Vigipirate”-bins can be found in the “special”-category.


SPECIAL Tank Container Skyline Liquid

Liquid Disposal Bin The liquid collector of the SKYLINE range allows passengers to empty their drinking containers prior to entering the security area or any other area where liquids are not permitted.  Due to the lockable …

SPECIAL Single Bin S150R

Large Waste Collector/ Empty Bottle Bin - S150R The waste bin of the SKYLINE range is the perfect addition to the liquid disposal bin as it has the same outer dimensions and look. With its large …

TEMPTATION Recyling Bin - FF3

Recycling Bin FF3 The Temptation range is available with 1-4 openings in a linear configuration with graphics on both sides to assist users in separating waste correctly. Also available in larger volume versions, optional wheels, roof …

SPECIAL Transparent Recycling Bin - FT3

“Vigipirate” – transparent bin FT3 In the successful design of the TEMPTATION range this bin was introduced to meet the requirement of a transparent front and back, in order to see the contents of the bin …

TEMPTATION Recyling Bin - FFJ3

Description: Self-supporting, curved fronts and flat side panels made of stainless steel, secured with an internal construction of galvanized steel, provide great stability. The tops funnel-shaped openings guide waste into the inner liners and are …

TEMPTATION Recyling Bin - FFJ2

Jumbo 2-way, FFJ2 This TEMPATION 2-way bin has been newly designed with a variety of opening sizes, from standard to large – which even fits a pizza box. The bin has 2 sealed inner liners which …


Description: Self-supporting, curved fronts and flat side panels made of stainless steel, secured with an internal construction of galvanized steel, provide great stability. The tops funnel-shaped opening guides waste into the inner liner and is …

Ashtray with cover, info-frame and litter bin

Ashtray/ Waste bin combination - TKDA-11-DB-2020: The stainless steel TKDA-11-DB-2020 pedestal ashtray is an ideal solution for outdoor areas, combining functionality with stylish design. The TKDA-11-DB-2020 features a built-in litter bin, ensuring a clean and tidy …


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