Fire-proof Litter Bins / Recycling Bins, Ashtrays

For almost 20 years, AUWEKO has been developing, producing and distributing collection systems for waste and reusable materials that unite form and function in every detail.

AUWEKO containers are particularly cost-efficient due to their durability and the use of high-quality materials and also because of their exceptional ease of use.

All our containers are equipped with open insertions, as a standard – a basic requirement in public areas. Airports, railway stations, cities, fairs, stadiums, shopping centres, trade chains and administrative buildings – very busy sites with public access, rely on our proven quality.

AUWEKO – We are wherever there are people.

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Company Profile

  • Fire-proof Litter Bins / Recycling Bins, Ashtrays

    An elegant, functional stainless steel contoured design line – our TEMPTATION series.

    High safety standards in litter bins are prerequisite in today’s world particularly for very busy, covered & indoor public areas like airports, railway stations, fairs, stadiums, hospitals and shopping centres.

    These vital criteria are fulfilled by our TEMPTATION series with its patented fire-protection system (certified by the Linz/Austria Fire Protection Institute).

    Exceptional ease of use, high durability. Made in Germany.

    • Fire-proof bins for waste separation 

    Waste separation in 2 to 4 sections available as pedestal or wall-mounted models.

  • Fire-proof Litter Bins / Recycling Bins, Ashtrays

    • Fire-proof Litter Bins

    Single container bins with a volume of 50 to 100 litres, available as pedestal, wall-mounted or hanging models.

    • Stand-alone outdoor ashtrays 

    Covered stand-alone ashtray – with or without waste bin, for external use, information space optional.

  • The ORIGINAL SERIES Recycling Bin-A Well-known Classic!

    The “ORIGINAL” series bins have certainly proven their effectiveness during their many years of being used by “Deutsche Bahn AG” (German Railways), whether as stand-alone models or space-saving wall-mounted versions.

    Suitable for both covered areas (B models) and outdoor areas (R models).

    Our range includes a variety of designs, from a single container with a volume of 80 litres through to waste separation of up to 4 sections. Suitable for all locations.

  • Airport References:

    • Frankfurt/Main,
    • Duesseldorf,
    • Hamburg,
    • Saarbruecken,
    • Salzburg,
    • Linz,
    • Faro,
    • Stockholm,
    • Lisbon,
    • Basel / Mulhouse,
    • Luettich (Liège),
    • Porto,
    • Dublin,
    • Doha (Qatar),
    • Vienna,
    • Paris Charles de Gaulle,
    • London Heathrow,
    • Charleroi (Brussels-South),
    • Luxembourg,
    • Amsterdam Schiphol


Dornhofstrasse 34
63263 Neu-Isenburg
  • +49 700 29 22 22 22