Blast Deflectors, Inc.

Industry Leader in Jet Blast and Ground Run-up Noise Solutions

Blast Deflectors, Inc. is an industry leader in the design and supply of jet blast deflectors(JBDs) and ground run-up enclosures(GREs). BDI products improve airside safety, maximise space and minimise aircraft run-up noise for airports and military facilities worldwide. With 60 years of experience, BDI assures quality, low-maintenance and long-service-life deflectors and GREs. Our in-house experience and expertise offers market leading technology and tailored solutions. BDI’s recent industry developments include:

  • Establishing a UK/European Office
  • Completing the first BDI 4-sided GRE at the Finkenwerder Airport in Hamburg, Germany. It is designed for all A320 family aircraft run-up.
  • A ground run-up enclosure located at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport in Toronto, Canada, which is the first North American GRE to utilise BDIs VertiVent™ technology. This GRE is designed for self-taxi in/out turbo-prop aircraft.

BDI installed its first end around taxiway (EAT) visual screen at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Company Profile

  • BDI Introduction

    With 60 years of experience, Blast Deflectors, Inc. (BDI) assures quality, low-maintenance and long-service-life blast fences and GREs. BDI is reputed to be the only company offering a complete range of deflectors for all scenarios on a civil and military airport.

    Expanding to open an office in the UK office is further verification of BDI’s continued market-leading technology, proven solutions, and dependable delivery.

  • Latest at BDI

    To date, BDI has completed over 30 two, three and four-sided GREs as well as over 1,400 jet blast deflectors worldwide. BDI products today focus on noise protection, performance and usability and follow both airside safety guidelines as well as their own BDI safety guidelines.

  • Jet Blast Deflectors

    BDI is reputed to be the only company offering a complete range of deflectors for all scenarios at a civil and military airport:

    • Afterburner
    • Full power
    • High tail engine
    • Taxi/breakaway thrust
    • ILS invisible
    • Mesh
    • Vertical
    • Portable

    BDI has options to cover any scenario.

    In recent years, BDI has been installing portable jet blast deflectors, most often used in construction areas, end-around taxiway visual screens, which add safety to end-around taxiways, and an increase in fiberglass deflectors along runways, which protect instrument landing systems (ILS) from jet blast without interfering with the necessary signals.

  • Ground Run-Up Enclosures

    As the most established GRE supplier worldwide, BDI offers market leading aerodynamic and acoustic performance within their facilities. Having now established a high usability 4-sided GRE, BDI continues to lead the market for industry solutions.

    Combined with their tried and true principal features comprised of a rolled top, a sloped entry lip, and, most importantly, vented sidewalls, BDI has developed a rear-wall enhancement to their GREs coined the “VertiVent™,” which further increased the aerodynamic stability of their designs. GREs are designed for the use of one aircraft type, multiple aircraft types, and for a combination of commercial and military aircraft customised for the customer’s specific needs.


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