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Airport Line Marking Solutions for Worldwide Requirements

Airport line marking is a challenging industrial activity due to very distinctive maintenance and safety requirements. As traffic is constantly increasing, this also adds time-pressure to all airport-related functions. Operators and equipment are expected to perform as quickly as possible within a demanding setting. Efficient solutions are required due to the small window of time presented in such a busy environment.

Borum provides self-propelled airport line marking solutions, and offers a wide range of specific airport self-propelled line marking machines and truck solutions that can be tailored to the customers’ requirements and needs.

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  • Efficient high-capacity airport marking machines

    For contractors and airport management, equipment performance and operator expertise is key when it comes to marking airports. With large areas of road to cover, runway marking machines must have large tank capacity and be extremely efficient in order to keep runway closures and downtime to a minimum.

    We have designed three category solutions with airport line marking in mind that can accommodate the requirements and application needs you may have.

    In accordance to the line width you require, a wide retainer and up to five paint guns and 5 glass bean guns can be mounted. This assures that the application is performed in a single pass and can be up to 125 cm (approx. 49 inch) depending line thickness, work conditions, and application speed.

    Based on the application equipment, most Borum machines are equipped with a sliding retainer frame as standard that makes handling the application equipment easier and quicker. Furthermore, for cold paint application machines can be equipped with more material tanks (and separate airless pumps), so that multi-colour marking can be carried out simultaneously.

  • Self-propelled line marking machines vs. hand pushed machines

    Although hand-pushed machines are convenient for small-scale projects, they are not efficient for airports. To illustrate the advantages of a self-propelled machine, we have compared the performance of Borum’s smallest model, the BM 2000 to a push pram machine on a 9.540m stretch.

    BM 2000:

    • Can cover up to 795m at a time, taking six minutes – Total 72min
    • Has to refill tank 11 times, taking 15min – Total 163min
    • Overall total time – 237min

    Push pram:

    • Can cover up to 195m at a time, taking 7.8min – Total 382min
    • Has to refill tank 48 times, taking 11min – Total 528min
    • Overall total time – 920min

    Overall, hand-pushed machines take almost four times longer than a Borum City machine to finish the same project. Under tight deadlines, contractors may be under pressure to complete jobs in a timely manner, with a line precision that hand-pushed machines cannot achieve. Self-propelled line marking machines are the better choice for busy airport environments.

  • Programmable software for line marking applications

    Line marking in airports need to be straight, precise, and meet certain width, thickness and colour specifications.

    Application requirements vary among airport areas, which is why we have developed the Borum LineMaster computer as an easy and straightforward tool for managing all line marking tasks, from pre-marking line applications to reporting and invoicing.

    With the LineMaster computer, contractors are able to pre-set line widths, types, colours and combinations to have them ready for marking, and can instantly adjust them on the go.


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Borum offers a wide range of specific airport self-propelled line marking machines that can be tailored to the customers’ requirements and needs. In accordance with the line width you require, a wide retainer and up to …

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