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Carttec is one of the key players in manufacturing equipment inside the airport terminal, we are completely specialized in equipment such as airport luggage trolleys, baggage trolleys, duty free trolleys, queue management systems, electric carts or airport benches.

Today, airports offers passengers and carriers the best advice, and emerging technologies can revolutionise to ensure operational effectiveness from the platform to the terminal.

Our company operates in all 5 continents: America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. thanks to the trust of our customers over more than 25 years, we offer retail, hotel and airport equipment in over 40 countries.

Our aim is to continue growing, opening markets and building lasting relationships offering fast, personalised quality service, because we empathise with every customer and their needs.

Company Profile

  • Luggage Trolleys

    We provide trolleys for different requirements: Stainless steel and aluminium carts for landside which can transport baggage during long distances. Carttec offers a wide variety of trolleys according to our customers necessities and easy to drive.

    Duty free carts for airside are available in different designs and a suitable for hand luggage and duty free purchases.

    Special carts for the best comfort of children and available in different funny models.

  • Airport Benches

    Making passengers fell comfortable and relaxed.

    Carttec offers the best stay in airports for the passengers. For this reason, out waiting benches are designed with practical and innovative spirit, betting for the comfort of our customers. Benches have unique-design which is highly appreciated by the clients.

  • Ramps for Handling Area

    We can help to simplify the most complicated tasks.

    In airports, time is very limited, work must be done in very tight time frames and as efficiently as possible. Such is the case not for only airport staff, but also for Handling Area where the luggage loading and unloading must be done in a fast and orderly way.

    Our ramps are large, stable, easy to handle and highly resistant, with a steel body and frame which provide robustness and natural rubber casters for improving mobility and adaptability to the tarmac’s weather conditions. The best ally for a fast and easy service.

  • Electric Vehicles

    An alternative investment for environmentally friendly airports.

    Carttec offers a wide variety of electric vehicles that make easier the daily work in the different areas of the airport.

    Different models as mini cars, electric shuttles, golf cars, electric tractors or electric ambulances are design to provide a good service based on zero emissions, high efficiency, no discharge and low noise.

  • Cart Recovery

    The fastest and cheapest cart recovery solution.

    The bustling rhythm of travellers in airports has an impact on the organisation of its space; many are in a hurry and leave the luggage trolleys used to carry their baggage behind, which can lead to obstructing the transit.

    For that reason, Carttec introduces Cartt Recovery, the electric vehicle that will provide a fast and cost-effective way of collecting your luggage trolleys in the airport and its vicinity.

  • Airport Trolley System

    The automatic luggage trolley dispensing unit.

    The globally growth of the airport sector has generated a new profile of more demanding passengers, claiming for better quality standards for airport services.

    Skykart is the luggage carts management system used in many airports around the world, which enhances passengers experience, offering high quality service as the same time as you gain revenue, guaranteeing optimum operation and improving the image of the airport.

    We offer two types of Skykart service:

    • Rental service: self-financing solution (the user pays for the rental).
    • Deposit-refund service: the user makes a deposit to remove a trolley that is fully or partially refunded to them when the trolley is turned to any dispensing unit.
  • Anti-Dirt Barriers

    Spotless airports

    Reduce the presence of dirt and humidity inside your airport

    Carttec’s entrance carpet systems prevent at least 80% of dirt and water from entering the inside of the airport, helping considerably at keeping it clean and free of humidity.

    Anti-dirt barriers support high traffic of people and goods because they are made of the best material to ensure perfect performance.

  • Access Systems and Controls

    Organise the space and transit in your access and waiting zones of your airport

    The best flow of people management systems, area organisation systems and protection of zones accessible to only authorised personnel.

    Keep the vital rhythm of your airport free of obstacles thanks to Carttec access systems: movable, steady and advert compatible posts and gates. Elegant and modern solutions to limit any space and for queue management.

  • RFID System

    Radio Frequency Identification System

    Carttec presents to you the latest technology for identification of carts that let you make a register under a unique serial number.

    The RFID System will give you information of the location of every cart, still in motion, as well as the details of the maintenance.

    Optimize the circulation the carts circulation and reduce response time with this system that works even under adverse weather conditions and minimum intervention of operators.

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