CS - Air Traffic Control: Voice Communication System Supply & Integration


Air Traffic Control: VCS - Voice Communication System Supply & Integration

CS SI is an international Voice Communication Systems provider proposing turnkey VCS solutions to civil and military customers.

CS are recognised as a major systems supplier and integrator providing customized products and services in the Air Traffic Control, aeronautic, defence, space, security and energy sectors.

CS’s strong experience in VoIP field is reflected in the new VCS product: CSoIP, an innovative and reliable IP-based VCS solution which efficiently meets air traffic controllers needs. CSoIP concentrates advanced ATC technologies and extensive functionalities in radio, telephone and intercom fields and operates in compliance with the EUROCAE ED137 standard.

With 170 million in revenues and 1,700 employees worldwide, CS is an established provider, acknowledged by major civil and military partners for its expertise and commitment of service to customers.

Company Profile

  • CSoIP: Voice Communication System (VCS) Solution

    CSoIP for Communication & Security over IP is the new CS’s product.

    This is an innovative integrated IP-based solution offering comprehensive range of ATC functionalities in Radio, Telephone and Intercom.

    CSoIP is based on a secure and redundant architecture; it respects the most demanding quality and safety standards.

    CSoIP’s main assets

    • Reliability and high availability
    • Flexibility and scalability
    • Comprehensive range of functionalities through user-friendly environment

    Full range of functionalities comfortably managed
    The whole set of radio and telephone advanced functionalities is controlled from an optimized touch screen panel offering tailor made HMI to intuitively interact with the system. CS engineers teams gave top priority to user experience to offer air traffic controllers an adapted and comfortable working environment.

    IP technologies benefices integrated into legacy equipment
    CSoIP also benefits from built-in gateways modules allowing smooth connections between IP technologies and existing non-IP equipment.

    Scalability for cost effective possibilities
    CSoIP modular architecture allows to fit any control center configuration (Tower, Approach, En-route center) as main system or backup solution and authorizes easy possibility to scale your control center capacity according to your need.

    Management and supervision
    The whole system activity is monitored through a smart management tool which enhances administration, supervision and configuration on both technical and operational sides.

  • CSoIP Attractive IP-based VCS Solution for ATC Needs

    Thanks to its involvement in the EUROCAE working group WG67 that deals with Voice on Internet Protocol (VoIP) for Air Traffic Management (ATM), CS greatly contributed to the definition of the ED 137 standard that normalizes communication streams over IP technology.

    CS strong experience in radio technologies put together with VoIP expertise lead to outstanding know-how that is perfectly reflected in CSoIP product.

    CSoIP’s product attractiveness has been recently highlighted by the 15 year contract won by CS to provide the French civil aviation authority DGAC/DSNA to equip 25 French regional airports.

    CS is also deeply involved in military market and stands as a close and sustainable partner of France armed forces. CS equips a large number of French military air bases in the frame of large-scale projects.

    CS has also deployed NATO communication systems across Europe through the ambitious program ACCS LOC1.

    CSoIP system is fit to efficiently fulfil civil and military Voice Communication System (VCS) needs.

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