Cyclone Technology

Airport Runway Rubber and Paint Removal

Cyclone Technology’s airport runway rubber removal and hard surface cleaning machines are engineered to deep clean outdoor surfaces more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way than other methods.

Cyclone’s unique cleaning head provides high velocity air movement for instant recovery of waste and water and no need for an external vacuum system. Our sustainable cleaning technology means that 95% of the water is recovered and waste water run-off is eliminated. Solid waste is recovered and separated out for proper treatment or recycling. This process allows for a much more fuel efficient recovery of water from the cleaned surface than a rubber removal or pressure washing system with an external vacuum like many of our competitors. The results are a clean surface, without standing water, that is ready for immediate use. The no vacuum design means less maintenance and lower annual fuel cost resulting in a faster return on investment.

According to a field evaluation done by the Army Corps of Engineers Cyclone was rated #1 for friction values among the top 3 airport runway rubber removal machines on the market today. Safety is number one for us

Cyclone Technology is also a leader in paint rejuvenation to deep clean paint markings, saving the airport the cost associated with repainting.

With over 30 years of industry experience, you can trust that we will provide you the best system. We have worked with large international airports as well as individual contractors and our clients are always satisfied. We are dedicated to bringing you the best technology with the lowest impact on the environment making us faster, greener and cleaner.


Cyclone 4006AC

Ultra high pressure runway rubber removal and paint removal Purpose built machine for runway rubber removal, eliminates costly truck chassis, gives best value for money Cyclone cleaning system provides highest improvement in runway friction values …

Cyclone 4006HT

Ultra high pressure runway rubber and paint removal Large over-the-road truck integrated system gives best mobility to job site Large water capacity, 1600 gal (6000 l) extends run time to over 5 hours of continuous …

Cyclone 4006ST

Ultra high pressure runway rubber and paint removal Compact over-the-road truck integrated system for runway rubber and paint removal, does NOT require a commercial drivers license (CDL) Small size provides quick and easy access to …

Cyclone CY5000 & CY5500

Ride-On Surface Cleaning machine Our CY5000 & CY5500 ride-on surface cleaning machines have an enclosed cab design with climate control.  The powerful Cyclone head instantly recovers water leaving your surface ready to use in minutes. The …


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