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Fall Protection Equipment for Airports and Aircraft Maintenance, Employee Training, Consulting

fall protection engineering GmbH (FPE) is specialized in fall protection equipment for aircraft maintenance and hangar equipment!

Aircraft technicians are the stars!

The aerospace industry is your stage!

They inspire owners, airlines and producers!

Our vision: Innovative fall protection for trained employees increases efficiency in aviation by 20%!

FPE offers innovative fall protection for employees working in the aerospace industry. Our fall protection solutions provide the highest level of safety for employees working on the wings and the fuselage of an aircraft.

FPE specializes in equipping airport buildings and hangars with high-quality fall protection systems.

Our services:

Our experts develop innovative fall protection systems for aircraft maintenance and production. Through our consulting and innovative technical solutions, we increase the efficiency of your work processes! Your technicians work faster and safer!

Customized Solutions – Turnkey Solutions:
100% safety for your technicians – no falling possible, no tripping hazards
100% employee acceptance – hands-free while working
90% time saving compared to vacuum anchors – no set-up times
50% cost savings in procurement compared to standard market systems
30% lower maintenance and servicing costs than before

Consulting and product selection based on hazards:

  • Planning of mobile and permanently installed fall protection systems
  • Assembly and implementation
  • Technical installation documentation with plans and instructions for use
  • Recurring inspections of fall protection equipment and components

5 stars to success:

  • Legal certainty through conformity with regulations (RL 89/391/EEC, RL 2009/104/EC)
  • Compliance with EASA Regulations
  • Increased performance through avoidance of physical and psychological stresses
  • High ROI (return of investment) through increased efficiency

CONSULTING: Optimized processes and technical solutions increase efficiency in demanding maintenance services for military and civil aviation. We increase your productivity through innovative technology and work processes.

  • Risk assessment and analysis of the current status
  • Concept development for efficiency improvement and implementation planning
  • Process-optimized and manufacturer-independent product consulting
  • Workshops for process owners and safety managers
  • Safety management, rescue concept and checklists

EQUIPMENT: The right safety equipment for every requirement – based on our analyses, we define the components, ensure implementation and guarantee regular checks.

  • Fixed installed lifeline on hangar ceiling
  • Overhead cable and rail systems
  • Multiples lifelines
  • Fall protection on moving trusses
  • Harnesses, self retractable fall arresters, mobile lifelines
  • Free standing aviation fall protection systems:
  • C – Frame fall protection System, Counterweighted fall protection Systems

TRAINING: Profound knowledge and its practical application are the basis for optimized processes. Our certified trainings and individual legal instructions are upgrading the skills of your employees.

Training in the use of fall protection in accordance with:
EASA Part 145 (Aircraft Maintenance)
EASA Part 21 / Subpart G (Production Organization)
EASA Part 21 / Subpart J (Design Organization, included in the Certification Specification (CS))
EASA CS-25 (Certification Specifications for Large Aircraft)

Our special employee trainings:

  • Qualified user of fall protection equipment (refresher initial)
  • Train-the-trainer workshop
  • Refresher training in modified or new personal protective equipment
  • Process optimization with existing fall protection systems (e. g. ceiling fall protection, vertical lifelines, rail systems, work platforms etc.)


Lifeline for aircraft maintenance and airport building

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Horizontal rail for aircraft maintenance and airport building

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HOLD-system: Temporary lifelines

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Qualified user of fall protection equipment (refresher initial) Train-the-trainer workshop Refresher training in modified or new personal protective equipment Trainings: Well trained employees are the basis of a well running organisation. Sound knowledge and its application in …

Fall Protection Consulting

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