FibreFENCE by Fibre Net

GRP Frangible, Interference-free Fencing Systems, Gate and Crash Gates

FibreFENCE fencing systems by Fibre Net are the perfect solution to fence and protect airports sensitive areas surrounding ILS or Radars equipment and devices.

FIBREFENCE: the innovative range of GRP fencing systems able to cope with the most challenging airport needs in terms of radio-transparency and frangibility, providing also excellent mechanical, corrosion and UV-rays resistance. Thanks to the exclusive production technology and construction design, FibreFENCE fencing systems ensure a full compliance with ICAO standards in terms of security and airport infrastructures design, keeping initial investment very low and reducing maintenance nearly to zero.

Main features and advantages of FibreFENCE systems are:

  • Full radio-transparency: no interferences with any landing aids devices (ILS, MLS, GLS, TLS, NDB, VOR, DME), Radars (meteo, traffic, ground etc.), communication devices and any other radio wave transceiving devices.
  • Calibrated frangibility, in compliance with ICAO standards: strong enough to avoid intrusions, but fragile enough to reduce possible airplane damages in case of out-track landing
  • Limited visual interference, easing visual supervision and increasing safety and security.
  • Wildlife intrusion control: fence bottom section can be made with narrow mesh to avoid small animals intrusion, without affecting overall costs and visual interference
  • Excellent resistance to weathering (in particular, good response to brisk changes in temperature and severe environmental conditions) and UV rays.
  • Low-cost when compared with other radio-transparent fencing solutions
  • Design and manufacturing upon customer’s specifications
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Zero maintenance needed, lifespan virtually unlimited
  • Fast and cheap reparation in case of damage
  • Compatibility with most common access control systems, possibility to install additional anti-intrusion and monitoring/control systems

Fibre Net is leading company in the design, engineering and manufacture of innovative composite GRP materials and systems.

All GRP materials manufactured meet the requirements governing heat, cold, and moisture induced ageing tests as fixed by UNI EN ISO 9124/04 standard and exposition to UV-ray as fixed by ASTM G154-06 standard. Fibre Net Srl operations are run with a quality management system certified by SGS ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

Company Profile

  • Airport Perimeter Fences

    FibreFENCE airport perimeter fences main components (mesh, vertical posts, wind-bracings, outrigger arms) are made with composite fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP), namely continuous glass fibers impregnated with thermosetting resins matrix, while small accessories, fittings and fastening components are made with Stainless or Galvanized steel.


    FibreFENCE MESH fences are built directly on site by assembling GRP mesh, profiles, and wind-bracings. This design makes it one of the most efficient, durable and cost-effective solution among all radio-transparent certified fencing systems available on the market.

    The installation is fast and easy, with all component being extremely lightweight and no requirement for special lifting devices or cranes on site, helping to reduce the overall installation costs compared to any other solution. Mesh wide apertures ensure great visibility to improve active and passive security, while its mechanical resistance is guaranteed against intrusion attempts or impacts with animals. To avoid small wildlife intrusions, it is possible to bury part of the mesh into the ground, and to use a smaller mesh on the part closer to the ground, according to most recent Aviation Authorities recommendations.

    FibreFENCE MESH fences are available in standard heights from 1 to 2.5m, while other dimensions are available on demand. Where necessary, in-line and/or perpendicular wind bracings are installed to improve overall resistance.

    To increase security level, vertical rods can be accessorized with special arms to support plastic, barbed or concertina wires. Furthermore, they are compatible with most common intrusion detection and monitoring/control systems. Design, engineering and manufacturing are tailored according to customer’s specifications and needs.

    Thanks to all these benefits and advantages, FibreFENCE MESH fences have already been installed at various airports worldwide.


    FibreFENCE PIPEWORK fences are built by glass fibre reinforced polymer GRP pultruded profiles assembled to create self-standing, modular panels, and they are the best solution to combine high mechanical resistance and efficient protection with radio-transparency and frangibility requirements in compliance with ICAO prescriptions.

    The extremely sturdy structure and the designed clear span ratio, make these fences perfectly suitable to protect areas subject to jet-blast. Upon request, FibreFENCE PIPEWORK fences can be improved with tiny GFP mesh to control small wildlife or debris intrusion.

    FibreFENCE PIPEWORK fences are available in standard heights from 1m to 2.5m, other dimensions are available on demand.

    To improve global security, fences can be accessorized with special arms to support plastic, barbed or concertina wires. Furthermore, they are compatible with most common intrusion detection and monitoring/control systems.

    Design, engineering and manufacturing are tailored according to customer’s specifications and needs.


    FibreFENCE GATES share all GRP’s inherent benefits, including radio transparency, frangibility, resistancee to corrosion, UV rays and weather, mechanical resistance, and very limited maintenance.

    They are extremely lightweight compared to any steel equivalent solution, and this makes it possible to reach very wide apertures, with no need of heavy and complex supporting structures or columns. Moreover, GRP designed frangibility represents a further guarantee for means of rescue, faster and safer access in case of emergency, even at gate closed.

    FibreFENCE GATES are made by GRP profiles to create a supporting frame, housing a lightweight, strong GRP mesh, and they are completed with steel accessories such as hinges, latches and bolts. They are available in single or double-leaf layout, with standard height up to 2.5m and apertures up to 12m.

    They are CE marked and UNI-EN13241 class 5 wind resistance compliant.


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