Stepladders, Docks and Platforms for Aircraft Maintenance

FORTAL is among the market leaders in the design of secure height access systems and safety of people in aeronautics. Specializing in custom-made products, FORTAL offers adapted solutions to the specific constraints of access for manufacturing and maintenance of aircrafts : civil – military or business aviation, helicopters, satellites, etc.

With solid experience in the field of metallurgy, FORTAL is one of the market leaders in the design and manufacture of products for safe height access. This know-how enables FORTAL to adapt precisely to the specific needs of its various fields of activity and to carry out, according to the specifications, all equipment from the simplest to the most complex.

FORTAL is one of the few companies to offer a complete range of access equipment. Whether you’re looking for scaffolds or platforms, ladders or guardrails, FORTAL has the solution for you.

But it’s our bespoke solutions that really make us stand out from the crowd. Our design team has proven time and again its ability to take on challenges and find solutions to even the most difficult problems. What is more, our highly-trained sales team collaborates closely with our designers to know our products inside out. Our products comply with all current French and international standards.

Company Profile

  • Mobile Runway Stepladders

    Mobile runway or stopover towable stepladders – height to serve 1 to 4.5 meters – structure of extracted aluminium profiles 100 x 30mm.

    Mechanical screw assembly and pre-assembled delivery – easy maintenance and after sale service: all the components are standard.

    • Fixed wheels dia. 300mm at the rear and castor wheels with brakes at the front – type 55 – to ensure a good rolling and an excellent abrasion resistance
    • Stabilizers with foldable handle
    • Anti-slip ribbed aluminium steps depth 230mm
    • Side sliding guardrails on landing
    • Grey no-staining shock protection
    • Galvanized steel drawbar with retractable tow ring
    • Moving speed : 5 km/h
    • Reference standard : NF EN 12 312-8
  • Technical Runway Stepladders

    Technical Runway Stepladders perfectly adapted to the height and aircraft sizes of all types.

    • Available in various heights/steps
    • Locking foot pedal for immobilization and unlocking of the stepladder
    • Tipping format available
    • Perfect for accessing electronic compartment
    • Landing gear maintenance
    • Engine oil filling – engine motor compartment – oilling
  • Height Adjustable Platforms

    Working platform for checks and maintenance for planes and helicopters.

    • Adjustable from 2.6 to 3.8 meters by hydraulic hand pump or electrical pump
    • Galvanized steel frame – main structure in raw extruded aluminium
    • Working platform : anti-slip wood panels – thickness 12mm or checker plate aluminium
    • Anti-slip ribbed aluminium steps depth 316mm
    • First and last step yellow lacquered
    • Handrail and guardrail
    • Swiwel brake wheels dia. 250mm
    • Immobilization cranks
    • Capacity of load : 5 people
  • Maintenance Platforms

    Left/right tail dock access. Composed of 2 side-access with 4 levels

    • Aluminium and steel main structure
    • Aluminium anti-slip platform 2nd level equipped with sliding drawers designed to conform perfectly the shape of the plane
    • Lockable towbar
    • Aluminium guardrail with handrail – intermediary rail and baseboard – sliding guardrail near the wing
    • Aluminum staircase with anti-slip grating steps depth 230mm
    • Immobilization cranks
    • Swivel brake wheels dia. 300 mm with foot protection
    • Turnkey delivery with lightning, electrical panel, plug for pneumatic pressure

Company News

Mobile platform for motor assembly access “core engine”

Stepladder features: Raw extruded aluminium Yellow lacquered guardrail with intermediary rail and baseboard 2 half-gate red lacquered Arche on guardrails orange lacquered for better moving At the bottom red lacquered protection arches 2 swivel wheels …

Mobile platform for ATR blade maintenance

Platform features: aluminum 100 x 30 mm height to serve 2 000 mm steps width 600 mm guardrail with red lacquered handrail, intermediary rail and baseboard anti-shock protection on blade side Capacity of load: 200 …

Mobile platform for helicopter MD902 Explorer maintenance

Platform features: raw extruded aluminum 100 x 30 mm height to serve 1 550 mm platform width 1 060 mm guardrail composed of red lacquered handrail, intermediary rail and baseboard on the left side 4 wheels …

Left / right Dock Drift Access Helicopter Dauphin N3 / N4

Platform features: aluminum ramps, guardrail, and gate anti-slip ribbed aluminum anti-shock protection Capacity of load : 2 persons To download the full brochure click here Customer: Airbus

Cargo bay access for business aviation Bombardier Global 7000/8000

Cargo bay features: raw extruded aluminum adjustable in height anti-slip ribbed aluminum anti-shock protection Capacity of load: 150 kg – 1 person To download the full brochure click here Customer: Sermati

Ladder for Maintenance Helix BO 105 Helicopter

Ladder features: 5 steps height to serve: 1 200 mm flat sheet aluminum platform 690 x 220 mm anti-shock protection Capacity of load: 150 kg/m² – 1 person To download the full brochure click here Customer: Airbus Helicopters    

Mobile Platform for Universal Access 2nd Level

Platform features: 1st platform: height 1000mm, size 1000 x 900mm 2nd platform: height 1500mm, size 900 x 900mm Steel frame Left/right foldable guardrail Anti-shock protection Capacity of load: 250 kg/m² – 2 persons To download the full …

“Turnkey” platform assembly line for Rafale

Platform features: Platform length 15370 mm Useful width 2000 mm Draw-out extension with 600 mm travel on airframe side Painted steel supporting structure fixed on the ground Gangway: Wood coating thickness 21 mm Capacity of …

Symmetrical mobile platforms for landing gear test bench access

Structure features: Height to serve: 1 000 mm Composed of stepladder access and platform with guardrail Fixing by poles on test bench main structure “portfolio” type Capacity of load: 1 people – 150 kg Customer: Safran To download …

Left/right stepladder cockpit access helicopter Dauphin N3/N4

Stepladder features: lateral removable guardrail anti-shock protection counterweight Load capacity: 1 people Customer: Airbus Helicopters To download the full brochure click here

Mobile stepladder for inside cockpit access A319 - A320 - A330 - A340 - A350 - A380

Stepladder features: Height to serve: 2 230 mm “L” shape platform with gap bridges for all aircraft types adaptation Staircase access Horizontally sliding guardrail Capacity of load: 2 peoples – 250 kg To download the full brochure click …

Technical stepladder for A320 electrical cargo bay access

5 step stepladder for runway or hangar: Galvanised steel frame Raw aluminum main structure Platform height: 1 500 mm Usefull width: 650 mm Sliding guardrails Ø 40 mm, handrails designed to conform perfectly the plane …

Left/right access platform maintenance platforms for deck « meca » helicopter H160

FORTAL are one of the leading manufacturers of access equipment for Working at Height. They are one of the few companies to offer a complete range of access equipment. Whether you're looking for scaffolds or …

Adjustable in height mobile platform for PC24 drift access

Aluminum profile platform with variable angle staircase, adjustable in height from 2700mm to 3900mm by hydraulic jacks with electric control Capacity of load: 2 peoples – 200 kg. CE certificated. To view the full .pdf spec …

Stepladder for A320 emergency slide access

FORTAL has developed a range of stepladders to meet the requirements of everyday maintenance operations on all type of aircraft (planes and helicopters). Our runway stepladders are highly resistant to corrosion and maintenance free. Mobile stepladder …


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