Stepladders, Docks and Platforms for Aircraft Maintenance

FORTAL is among the market leaders in the design of secure height access systems and safety of people in aeronautics. Specializing in custom-made and standards products, FORTAL offers adapted solutions to the specific constraints of access for manufacturing and maintenance of aircrafts: civil – military or business aviation, helicopters, satellites, etc.

With solid experience in the field of metallurgy, FORTAL is one of the market leaders in the design and manufacture of products for safe height access. This know-how enables FORTAL to adapt precisely to the specific needs of its various fields of activity and to carry out, according to the specifications, all equipment from the simplest to the most complex.

FORTAL is one of the few companies to offer a complete range of access equipment. Whether you’re looking for scaffolds or platforms, ladders or guardrails, FORTAL has the solution for you.

But it’s our bespoke solutions that really make us stand out from the crowd. Our design team has proven time and again its ability to take on challenges and find solutions to even the most difficult problems. What is more, our highly-trained sales team collaborates closely with our designers to know our products inside out. Our products comply with all current French and international standards.

Company Profile

  • Mobile runway stepladders

    FORTAL Aeronautics division offers a standard range of mobile runway stepladders from 4 to 18 steps and bearing height from 1 000 to 4 500 mm.

    Main features:

    • Hot galvanised steel frame – which in addition to its robustness, ensure a perfect stability during use
    • Structure in aluminum profiles from the series 6000 which guarantees a high resistance to corrosion and does not require any maintenance
    • Assembly by standards screws, completely removable to facilitate the eventual after-sales operations
    • Standard (940 x 1 000 mm) or wide (2 500 x 1 250 mm) bearing
    • Two maximal towing speed: 5 km/h and 25 km/h
    • Galvanised steel retractable towbar with ring on staircase side (5 km/h version) or at rear (25 km/h version)
    • Sizes can be adapted according to your needs

    The manoeuvrability and ease of handling of FORTAL’s stepladders inherent in the towing system means time saved during ground-handling operations between flights.

  • Technical runway stepladders

    These stepladders are designed to be used for access to specific parts of the aircraft: engine, landing gear, hold… and are made according to the aircraft type. Technical runway stepladders perfectly adapted to the height and aircraft sizes of all types.

  • Height adjustable platforms and stepladders

    FORTAL Aeronautics Division offers a standard range of height-adjustable runway stepladders with the same main features as multipurpose runway and ground handling stepladders.

    The specific characteristics of this range of stepladders are as follows:

    • A height-adjustment system fitted with a hydraulic jack actuated by a hand pump
    • The adjustment equipment is activated from the ground
    • Travel 1000: from 2 500 to 3 500 mm or 1 500: from 3 500 to 5 000 mm
    • Option: towable up to 5 km/h
  • Maintenance platforms

    FORTAL Aeronautics Division offers a range of access platforms and docks for work and maintenance specially designed for manufacturing and maintenance workshops in the aviation industry.

    Our solutions provide access to the various sections of the aircraft while ensuring user safety and operational comfort.

    FORTAL’s tried and tested experience in designing aeronautical equipment means we are the ideal partner to design and manufacture all types of bespoke access equipment for aircraft in the field of civil, military and business aviation.

    Our expertise, acquired through close collaboration with aircraft manufacturers and aeronautical equipment manufacturers, means our teams can create 3D plans for your access and work solutions and manufacture them to current standards and specifications.



Runway mobile platform 25km/h

From 6 to 14 steps - Platform height from 1500 to 3500 mm ( top platfom 940 x 1000 mm or 2500x1250 mm) and working heights from  2500 to 5500 mm - Steps : useful …

Runway towable aeronautical stepladders

12-steps runway stepladder features: steel frame support wide bearing with fixed guardrails fixed wheels Ø300 mm on the rear – swivel wheels with brake Ø160 mm on the front retractable towbar and 2 first steps …


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