Air Traffic Surveillance Solutions Using ADS-B Receivers, Multilateration & Drone Tracking

INVOLI offers a turnkey solution to monitor low altitude airspace uncovered by radars through a ground based multilateration system. This scalable solution is made of resilient Swiss made receivers, able to detect aircraft with ADS-B, Mode S, Mode A/C. FLARM and UAT are optional.

INVOLI also provides drones trackers for on-site drone operations and identification, to offer a complete picture of the sky, a key component to unlock BVLOS operations.

The data thus acquired and processed into the company’s servers is then displayed on the web based platform or can be provided via API to a third-party system such as airports, ATM, ANSP, UTM or drone operators.

G-1090 Air Traffic Receiver for ADS-B, Multilateration and FLARM

The G-1090 is a Swiss made air traffic receiver designed for outdoors installation, which natively detects aircraft equipped with ADS-B, Mode S and Mode A/C transponder (1090MHz). On demand, the G-1090 can also be equipped to receive FLARM (868MHz) and UAT (978MHz).

When G-1090 are numerous enough and adequately located, they relay aircrafts transmissions to INVOLI servers via an internet connection allowing to perform Multilateration.

LEMAN 4G drone tracker

A lightweight fully independent 4G Drone Tracker carrying its own GPS and battery, it can also be installed on ground vehicles if needed.

Once configured and equipped with a SIM Card, it will start sending its position and becomes visible on the platform. The drone position can also be sent into a third-party software such as an UTM, an UAS service provider or a drone operations management platform.

LEMAN tracker can also be used for drone fleet management, lost drone / payload recovery, and drone identification in sensitive monitored areas.


A server-based software that unleashes the true power behind the G-1090 receivers. Connected to G-1090 receivers, it calculates the position of air traffic which emit signals on the 1090 MHz frequency.

INVOLI MLAT can be used as a complement or a substitute to secondary radars. INVOLI MLAT can be implemented in regional airports, to optimize airport operating cost and improve their surveillance capabilities.

INVOLI MLAT and combined can also provide a solution to allow drone operations to perform their missions inside and/or near restricted flight areas surrounding airports. low level air traffic visualisation platform

A visualization platform aimed at creating a direct link between drone operators, air traffic regulators and civil aviation authorities to safely share the sky. Designed for drone operators, ATM, UTM and aviation authorities, the level of expertise and quality of the INVOLI data answer professional needs for safety, precision, accuracy and latency. also dramatically improves the chances for drone operators to get of BVLOS flight authorization as it enables them to mitigate risks of collisions with manned aircraft. INVOLI already supported its customers in getting approved SORA to conduct BVLOS drone operations.


INVOLI data are also available through his API and STREAM package. INVOLI provides a dedicated stream of data, including data about INVOLI trackers and air traffic detected by INVOLI for integration in third party software.


G-1090 Air Traffic Receiver for ADS-B, Multilateration and FLARM

Swiss made and designed for exterior installation, the G-1090 natively detects aircraft equipped with ADS-B, Mode S and Mode A/C transponder (1090MHz). On demand, the G-1090 can also be equipped to receive FLARM (868MHz) and …

LEMAN: Lightweight independent 4G drone tracker

LEMAN is a fully independent 4G Drone Tracker equipped with its own GPS and battery, compatible with ASTM standard on Remote ID. Once configured and equipped with a SIM Card, the LEMAN starts sending its position …

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In its vision to enable a sky where drones fly safely alongside manned aviation, INVOLI launches a new generation air traffic signal receiver: the G-1090, specifically created to resist to harshest weather and electronically noisy …


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