Flushing Made Flawless

At IPEE we believe in the integration of technology into sanitary ware. The combination of state of the art technology and the expertise in the field of sanitary ware creates innovative and meaningful products for the future. It is the combination of both that adds value to the existing products in terms of sustainability, comfort and design. Our continuous investment in research and development leads to unique technologies and products with a clear focus on water saving, efficiency and hygiene to create high impact on people, profit and planet.

Automatically rinsed
IPEE stands for sustainable and smart technology. All our solutions are rinsed automatically, so we guarantee a hygienic result after each use.

Installed super fast
Fast installation is just as important as the product itself. That’s why our packs are designed for quick and easy installation. All parts required for installation with only 1 order number; handy, right?

IPEE technology. Full option. Standard.


T1- 'Basic' Toilet Pack

Basic IPEE T1 is an automatically flushed toilet with fixed flushing volume. The vandal-resistant stainless steel control panel and sturdy thick toilet seat make this pack ideal for public locations on a tight budget. Toilet Packs. Rinsed …

T3 - 'Plus' Toilet Pack

Plus The automatically flushed toilet pack T3 is equipped with two flushing volumes to keep water consumption as low as possible. The actuation plate is made of stainless steel. Toilet Packs. Rinsed smartly. Installed quickly. Touch-free Thanks to …

T5 - 'Premium' Toilet Pack

Premium For those looking for ultimate comfort and sleek design, IPEE T5 offers the solution. The premium pack is ideal for hotels, restaurants or at home. IPEE T5 is equipped with a glass control panel (available …

U1 - 'Basic' Urinal pack

Basic IPEE U1 is our workhorse. The robust urinal is equipped with the IPEE Mini flushing system. The pack is an ideal match for schools where affordable, sustainable plumbing is required. Urinal packs. Problems are visible. Solutions …

U3 - 'Plus' Urinal pack

Plus IPEE U3 combines Vortex flushing technology with a compact urinal and is ideal for commercial locations where design and efficiency are central. Urinal packs. Problems are visible. Solutions not. Touch-free Because the urinal will rinse completely independently, …

U5 - 'Premium' Urinal pack

Premium IPEE U5 is the urinal pack of choice for projects requiring the best design, technology and user experience. The rimless urinal is flushed by a spreader with a controlled, powerful water flow. Urinal packs. Problems are …


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