Portable, Retractable Partition Screens for Airports

KwickScreens are portable, screen systems designed to be manoeuvrable, flexible and hygienic. Whether your environment requires privacy or a clear barrier KwickScreen can protect passengers and staff.

Engineered for infection control, our products minimise the spread of germs and are easy to clean in seconds, allowing airports to get back to full capacity safely.

With the recent threat of Coronavirus and the need for greater passenger screening, KwickScreen provides a solution to instantly create hygienic spaces keeping the public safe.

Adopted by Heathrow, Geneve and Paris Airports, alongside every trust in the NHS, KwickScreens can be used to:

●  Direct passenger flow
●  Allow for travellers to sit next to each other safely in waiting rooms
●  Segregate passenger walkways, or physical partition barriers when division is required
●  Give privacy during incident response in patient emergencies
●  Airport terminal maintenance temporary hoardings and barriers
●  Safety barriers for crash teams in emergencies

Our products are portable and can be set up in seconds by untrained airport personnel.

KwickScreens can be printed with advertising and branding to promote services throughout check-in, terminals and gates. Screens can also be used as a means of way-finding and signage through Transport Security Administration (TSA) Checkpoints and other zones.

KwickScreen products are patented, fire rated and made in England.

At KwickScreen, we have an expert team ready to advise on the best products required for your spaces. Please feel free to contact on 020 8090 5199 or our website:

Company Profile

  • Emergency Medical Partitioning

    KwickScreen – Emergency Medical Partitioning

    With large throughput of people, unexpected medical instances are a common occurrence. In such cases portable KwickScreens can be wheeled to the scene quickly in order to maintain the patients dignity, shield the scene from passers-by and to ensure staff or medical professionals can attend to the patient effectively.

  • Security Partitioning

    KwickScreen creating Security Partitioning. KwickScreens can be wheeled out to create instant privacy for security checks when a private area is required, and quickly retracted when not in use. Screens can also be used to partition off areas where essential maintenance works are being carried-out, or to simply zone off an area where staff do not wish passengers to go through – such as a closed gate or non active security desk.

  • Safely Maintain Capacity

    With global aviation connecting the world, viruses are able to spread more quickly than before with airports often being the gateway to a new country. Using KwickScreen, airports can easily create hygienic screening spaces to segregate and quarantine passengers.
    The Shield is our solution to social distancing in waiting rooms. A transparent screen that creates a Covid-secure barrier between seats, so two people can sit next to each other safely in airports.


KwickScreen Shield

Freestanding chair partitions; the solution to social distancing in waiting rooms. The Shields transparent screen creates a Covid-secure barrier between seats, so two people can sit next to each other safely. Designed for maximum virus control the …

KwickScreen Duo

The Duo is the total privacy solution. Consisting of two screens attached to a central base, the Duo allows you to create a completely private bay in seconds. It’s 180° flexibility creates a unique L-shape around …

KwickScreen Pro

Portable, durable and fully enclosed; the KwickScreen Pro is our flagship product. The Pro pulls out fully to 3 metres and retracts easily into its protective casing. Designed with infection control, the Pro has minimal dirt traps …


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