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Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems Ltd designs and manufactures Mobile and Modular ATC Towers.  The Mobile Air Traffic Control (ATC) Towers and Modular, Transportable ATC facilities include Visual Control Rooms, Approach Control Rooms, and Equipment Rooms.  We supply and integrate ATC Communication, Navigation and Surveillance systems to customer specifications installing them into our products to provide a fully mobile capability that is air transportable and can be deployed in a short period of time by small teams of personnel with a minimum of training.  Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems Ltd can utilise equipment from all major CNS manufacturers and works with the customer to find the best solution to meet their need.

Mobile and Modular ATC Towers can be used to establish safe air traffic control for smaller airports, military deployments, airport Visual Control Room (VCR) refurbishments, disaster relief or special events worldwide. All solutions are designed for simple, rapid deployment by the minimum number of personnel and can be supplied with ATC equipment to suit the customer requirement.

Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems Ltd (MATC) has a range of products including Trailer Mounted ATC Towers, Modular ATC Towers, and Vehicle Mounted ATC Towers.  The complete product range can be seen at

Typically, the Mobile and Modular ATC Towers are available with Visual Control Rooms in two sizes, 20ft or 10ft configurations, all based on standard ISO transport container dimensions and mechanical fixings.  The VCRs can be fixed on trailers and vehicles for mobility or mounted on containers or purpose-built support frames where additional height and longer-term deployment is required.

Bespoke options are also available with internal staircases, offices and welfare facilities integrated into the final solution.  MATC also manufacture tactical non-elevating solutions for rapid deployment by a small team of personnel, as well as runway caravans.

MATC is also happy to provide 3rd party products from a select number of suppliers including ADS-B Receivers, Drone Detection Systems, Compact Weather Stations for Aviation use and aftermarket window heating solutions to prevent condensation on VCR windows.

Company Profile

  • Trailer Mounted ATC Towers

    Trailer Mounted ATC Towers are towed by standard commercial trucks equipped with either 5th Wheel couplings or Tow Hitches depending on the model procured.  The trailers are air brake equipped and the axles are supplied with “Super Single” wheels and air suspension which provides a very stable on-road towing platform and allows the whole trailer to be raised to a higher ride height to give an improved ride on rough terrain if required.  Information can be found here.

    Hydraulic stabilising legs provide a wide base for stability and the self-levelling system automatically ensures a “level” of less than 0.5° degrees.  The highly stable hydraulic scissor lift elevates the 20ft VCR container versions to a floor height of approximately 6m providing ATC Operators (ATCOs) a seated eye level of around 7.5m. Accidental raising or lowering of the tower is prevented by physical safety interlocks and positive hydraulic drive up and down.

    On all models, steps to access the VCR are stored in the trailer and are adjusted to provide access at both intermediate and full operating height – the compact version only has two operating heights.  LED lighting on the stairs ensures safe access at night.  Storage lockers are also provided for other deployment items including antennas, meteorology sensors, obstruction lights. etc.

    All MATC Trailers and cabins are built from raw materials to provide the highest manufacturing standards and to provide acoustic and thermal isolation, but it is manufactured to be dimensionally compliant with a 20ft ISO or 10ft Container for shipping, transport and airlift.

    Industry guideline tinted, sloped, double glazed windows and blinds are installed as standard, and aluminium covers are provided to protect the windows in transit.

    Internally the 20ft MVCR is equipped with a shock mounted 9-bay, 19” rack-based console, providing space for the ATC Equipment.  The Compact version is equipped with a 5-bay console.   Professional advice on ATC equipment to be installed can be provided, or we will work with customer preference for equipment.

    The larger console provides working space for 3-4 ATCOs seated comfortably whilst the smaller console sits 2-3 operators.  The consoles tops are hinged to allow engineers to access the ATC equipment for maintenance and repair.

    Day and night (Red) gooseneck lighting is provided for each operator, and in the ceiling for ambient lighting whilst lighting for engineers is provided by a dimmable LED lighting strip under the console script.

    Double Air Conditioning Units (ACU) on the large units supply environment control, which can be supplemented by an additional ducted ACU to send air to the console for equipment cooling.  The compact unit has a single ACU.

    Once the ATC Cabin is dismounted from the trailer, both VCR and Trailer can be loaded into a C130J (or larger) aircraft.  Rollers are fitted to the trailer bed to allow the VCR to be rolled off the trailer and into the aircraft.  Umbilical cables that are disconnected and stowed prior to transit supply Communications and Power to the MVCR.

    Generators can be supplied with all models although the 5th Wheel version can support the generator on the 5th Wheel step.  The others can be supplied as small trailers units or potentially mounted in the tow bar if required.

  • Modular ATC Towers

    The Container and Frame mounted Modular ATC Tower solutions are intended for applications where trailer mobility provided is not required but rapid relocation can still be achieved using standard vehicles and lifting equipment. These can be viewed here.

    Available in standard 20ft (6.1m) and 10ft (3m) sizes, the Modular ATC Tower provides a transportable solution that can be supplied as a temporary solution or as a longer-term low-cost ATC Tower for smaller airports and airfields.  MATC can also work with end users to provide bespoke solutions to suit customer requirements.

    This solution can still be delivered and erected using standard vehicles and cranes or HIAB equipped vehicles of a suitable tonnage.  The towers are built, configured and tested offsite and utilise pre-built cables and plug/socket connections to allow simple on-site delivery.  Erection time is very short and depending on configuration operations can usually start within 1-2 days of delivery.

    Internal configuration, including equipment rooms, control rooms, crew rooms, offices, and welfare facilities can be supplied as required.  An independent generator can also be housed in the lowest container within its own acoustically isolated room providing fall back supply and automatic changeover.  Furthermore, if the concrete foundation pad and securing bolts are large enough (calculations can be supplied with the surface and soil type information provided by the customer) significant VCR heights can be achieved by stacking multiple containers with up to 4 or 5 support containers possible.  This would provide a significant amount of space for internal configuration.

    Internal stairways are also available, and although the cabins are subsequently wider than standard containers, these can still be transported by road with the appropriate escort. LED lit access for all tower designs are fabricated to match the specific dimensions of the tower and access platforms are provided at access points to the various containers.  Emergency egress is provided for the enclosed stair structure.

    If requested all control and equipment rooms can be equipped with shock mounted consoles and racks.  Standard VCRs will house a 9-bay console (large VCR) or a 5-bay console (small VCR) which are equipped with 19” rack mounts. Consoles can be designed to meet a specific need.  Consoles can either provide equipment space for the ATC Equipment, or if support containers are provided, this can be housed in equipment racks in its own dedicated space.  Consoles are equipped with day and night (Red) gooseneck lighting for each operator and a dimmable LED lighting strip is located under the console to provide lighting for the engineers as well as background lighting. The console script can also be hinged to allow easy access to the equipment.

    Low E, tinted, double glazed windows provide insulation and glare control, and industry standard blinds are installed as standard.  Aluminium covers are also provided to protect the windows in transit.

    Mobile ATC is happy to discuss any individual needs with prospective customers and this can include welfare facilities as well as other operational requirements such as emergency service facilities that can be embedded into the tower construction.

    Significant cost saving over traditional ATC Tower construction can be made by installation of a well-designed modular tower which if properly maintained will provide decades of use for airports where traditional ATC towers may be unsuitable.

  • Vehicle Based ATC Towers

    Tactical All Wheel Drive Mobile VCRs are designed for deployment where terrain would usually preclude the use of standard trailer mounted solutions and when end users prefer that the tower can deploy under its own power.  They are available in various versions and details can be seen here.

    6×6 Truck Mounted solutions are sufficiently large and robust enough to support the use of the same elevating scissor platform deployed on the large trailer MVCRs.  It is currently based on a MAN chassis, but customer preference can be considered if vehicle suppliers are agreeable.  Similar in specification to the 5th Wheel Trailer MVCR the 6×6 solution is designed to hold the standard 20ft VCR container on its automatic self-levelling, elevating scissor lift.  The vehicle has extending hydraulic stabilisers to provide a very stable platform with a high wind speed loading.

    The scissor lift elevates the VCR container to a floor height of around 6m giving ATC Operators (ATCOs) an eye level of around 7.5m when seated.  Positive hydraulic drive to raise and lower the platform coupled with physical safety interlocks prevent accidental raising or lowering of the platform.

    Intermediate and full operating height access steps are stored in the vehicle bed.  All are LED lit to ensuing safe access in low light conditions.  Deployment equipment such as antennas, obstruction lights. meteorology sensors etc are stored within the cabin or in storage lockers on the vehicle bed.

    The 20ft MVCR ATC Equipment is installed in a 9-bay shock mounted, 19” rack-based console which is equipped with day and night (red) gooseneck lighting for each operator. Dual ACUs provide environmental control.

    4×4 Non- Elevating MVCRs are based on the 4×4 IVECO Daily 7000Kg chassis the smaller non-elevating MVCR provides enough room to provide a 2-3-man operating environment.  The vehicle can be readily deployed in a C130 by simply lowering the hydraulic powered window structure onto the main vehicle frame.

    An onboard 8kVA generator provides enough power for the vehicle as well as external systems like a deployable meteorological system and portable LED airfield lighting (PAGL).  Shock mounted and19” Bay rack equipped consoles hold sufficient equipment for a small tactical deployment.  White and tactical (red) lighting is provided at the console for each operator as well as in the ceiling.  Environment control is provided by a single ACU. MATC can install equipment as required by the end user or provide empty racks for integration and configuration in accordance with customer preferences.

    Rapidly deployable and easy to use, the MVCR can be deployed and used by a pair of ATCOs with a minimum of basic training.  This precludes the need for engineering support making it useful for QRF functions where manpower needs to be kept to a minimum.


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