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Leading Manufacturer of High-Quality Security Inspection Solutions for Airports

Every day, Rapiscan Systems upholds its commitment to keeping global air travel safe. Our technology has been the first line of defense since the 1960s, when airports began to use our High Quality Security Inspection Solutions.

Today, aviation customers worldwide turn to our fully integrated, all-inclusive solutions to screen passengers, baggage, and cargo, quickly and reliably.

Our knowledge of airport operations, regulatory requirements and global trade has translated into numerous High Quality Security Inspection Solutions for the aviation market.

All Rapiscan Systems technologies comply with international health and safety regulations and are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Our worldwide training and support network spans languages, time zones, and locations, to help you any time of the day, any day of the year.

Company Profile

  • Easy, Effective Screening for Passengers

    Customers worldwide have discovered the benefits of Rapiscan Systems’ people-screening solutions.

    For instance, our systems help operators easily identify concealed threats and contraband items, such as explosives, narcotics, ceramic weapons, knives, and firearms.

  • Efficient, Integrated Baggage Inspection

    Rapiscan Systems’ baggage and parcel inspection systems meet airports’ needs on multiple levels.

    They address every security concern with class-leading image quality, low false-alarm rates, and excellent dependability.

    As the fastest systems on the market, our solutions also handle passengers’ top concerns by reducing the chances of flight delays and mishandled luggage.

    Whether you’re looking to inspect duty-free goods, baggage at checkpoints, or hold baggage, we’ll configure a system that operates efficiently across all airport security operations and site-specific needs.

  • Setting the Standard for Hold Baggage Threat Detection

    Over the years, there have been a number of high profile cases involving severe acts of terrorism and serious threats to airport and airline security, via banned substances and devices being brought onto aircraft in hand and hold baggage.

    Rapiscan Systems RTT® (Real Time Tomography) baggage screening solution is the first ultra-high speed system to pass the European Commission for Civil Aviation (ECAC) Standard 3 threat detection test, the highest standard for the detection of baggage-borne explosive threats.

    With its large tunnel, capable of screening a wider range of larger baggage, The RTT 110 is capable of screening baggage at an impressive speed of up to 1,800 bags an hour, whilst delivering optimal performance for the detection of prohibited materials.

    Furthermore, the RTT system generates fewer false alarms, which improves baggage handling efficiency and throughput, whilst lowering operational costs.

  • Comprehensive Cargo Screening

    Rapiscan Systems’ innovative cargo-screening technologies accommodate your dual needs for security and economic efficiency.

    For security, we offer the only air cargo inspection systems that quickly and automatically detect explosives in fully loaded air cargo containers and pallets.

    This reduces the need for human interpretation—and the chance of human error.

    The Rapiscan 632DV (Dual-View) is an advanced small cargo and large parcel screening system designed for pallet and break bulk cargo screening.

    Using Dual-View technology to generate a horizontal and vertical view of the object under inspection it provides a complete perspective of scanned items, regardless of their orientation in the X-ray system.

    This reduces the need to reposition and re-scan parcels, thereby improving detection and throughput.

  • A More Efficient & Improved Aviation Security Screening Environment

    Rapiscan® Systems TRS™ Flight covers all your passenger processing needs at the security checkpoint.

    We design and manufacture state-of-the-art Tray Return Systems meeting the demand and requirements of airports and regulators.

    While TRS Flight provides proven increased passenger throughput, it also allows checkpoint operators to spend less time handling trays and more time focusing on the security role and customer service.

    Rapiscan Systems currently has over 200 TRS lanes deployed at airports worldwide and is confident in its ability to deliver time and again. TRS Flight is a solution that you can trust.


Rapiscan Systems - Explosive Detection System - RTT

High Throughput & Dynamic Window With the belt running at 0.5 meters per second and “Dynamic Window” providing minimal gaps between bags or parcels, RTT®110 provides Industry-leading throughput, routinely exceeding 1,800 bags or 2,500 parcels per …

Rapiscan Systems - Checkpoint Screening X-Ray - Orion™ 920CX

The 920CX is a 620mm x 420mm single view screening system providing exceptional threat detection and high throughput by virtue of Best in Industry Penetration and Resolution ORION™ 920CX provides the best measured steel penetration, wire …

Rapiscan Systems - Baggage Scanner - 920CT

920CT The ECAC C3 Approved 920CT is designed to advance aviation cabin baggage screening into the future. It improves passenger experience while increasing their safety. Intelligent Screening 920CT is intelligent. It can detect threats quickly and make decisions …

Company News

Rapiscan® Systems Launches the 935DX, an ORION™ Next Generation X-ray Screening Technology

Rapiscan Systems, a leading global supplier of security inspection systems, launches the 935DX, a new model within its growing line of ORION™ X-ray screening systems. The 935DX, among the largest tunnelled conveyor systems on the market, …


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