Wayfinding and Signage Asset Management Platform for Airports

With a growing demand for air travel and a constant need to accommodate more passengers, airports are subject to on-going expansion and change. This creates an environment where the continued maintenance and management of sign assets is overly complex. Poorly planned and maintained signage within airports can add an extra layer of stress for travellers and airport visitors.

SignAgent streamlines sign management and maintenance, serving as a single source of truth for all sign assets and information. Signage professionals around the world use SignAgent to create, control, and collaborate on physical signage projects to help ensure best-in-class visitor experience.

Founded in 2006, SignAgent is a cloud-based all-in-one wayfinding and signage asset management platform. SignAgent provides fast and efficient ways for wayfinding designers, sign fabricators and installers, and facility operators to collaboratively manage signage and wayfinding assets throughout their entire life cycle.

SignAgent software is used for new building projects, renovations, gate changes, wayfinding upgrades, and on-going sign maintenance. Some of SignAgent’s airport clientele include John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), and Bangalore International Airport.

With SignAgent, Airport operators can view all sign information in one place, with no need to cross reference different confusing file types in different platforms. They can also conduct sign surveys to create a complete database of all signs mapped to their building and facility location plans. Additionally, the SignAgent Mobile App provides all the needed tools for surveying, fabrication, installation, and maintenance tracking, which syncs with the SignAgent platform in real time.

SignAgent gives airport operators greater forecasting insight into capital and maintenance costs, while also enabling staff responsible for signage to spend more time on other strategic activities. SignAgent also improves passenger and visitor experience by helping to establish and maintain consistent sign standards across the entire airport operation, both landside and airside.


Wayfinding and Signage Asset Management Platform

SignAgent is a sign asset management platform. Its extensive features help streamline project workflow while reducing workload for operational staff and facility managers responsible for signage. SignAgent users are able to conduct sign surveys, build …


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