Airport Environmental Monitoring Systems

Softech is an Italian leader in Environmental Monitoring. Using cutting-edge technologies and high-quality equipment, provides full-circle monitoring system to most Italian airports and to many international airports across the borders.

All our products are user-friendly and supported by a set of additional services that help airports in minimizing their environmental impact and building up a strong relationship with travelers and citizens.

Our team of experts work constantly to upgrade and to customize our products according to costumer’s needs, because as Softech, we want to please our clients and contribute to their success, guaranteeing him flexible operations and strategies, adaptability and high system efficiency.

In our work, we always take care of the environment, since we believe in a contained and controlled use of natural resources, and we are committed to the creation of products inspired by principles of sustainability.

We have a strong international presence, from Milan to Bangkok, from Jeddah to Rio de Janeiro, touching all the major world industrial markets directly or through certified partners.

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Company Profile

  • SARA: Environmental Monitoring at the Airport

    SARA is an easy to use and highly customizable system for environmental monitoring in airports.

    Available as a standalone on-site system or as a cloud-based service, it collects data from noise monitoring terminals and relates it to information collected from other types of terminals (air quality, weather, radar, ADS-B, etc …) to produce the most accurate reports possible.

    Together with the SARA system we also provide the Noise Office service to assess the effects of noise and air quality of aircraft flights, providing detailed analyzes, documentation and case studies based on the FAA AEDT (Aviation Environmental Design Tool).

    Numerous options are available to achieve a truly intelligent platform for complete indoor and outdoor monitoring.

  • SARA Software

    SARA Software consists of two interfaces: one designed for the airport environmental technicians and one for public information.

    Technical User Interface:

    An easy-to-use tool for viewing, managing and analyze data collected by SARA Environmental Monitoring System (EMS). Designed for professionals, the technical interface reduces the working time of sound specialists and assists them in the everyday work.

    • wide range of TECHNICAL REPORTS on the EMS data, customizable reports and automatic report generation/delivery. Data can be exported in standard formats (csv/xlsx, kml/kmz, jpg/bmp).
    • RADAR TRACKS display in 2D/3D interface. SIDs, gates and sensible areas management. Specific departure/arrival procedures respect. Radar tracks/noise levels replay. Complaints management
    • REAL-TIME VERIFICATION/CONTROL of the EMT operation (manual calibration check, data download, time synchronization, status, alarms/warnings, etc.)
    • Detailed EMS DATA HISTORIES ANALYSIS; automatic/manual data validation; noise events/­flights correlation analysis. Integration with INM, AEDT, IMMI models
    • SYSTEM TOOLS for the EMS configuration (airports, NMTs, accounts, system functionalities, warnings/alarms, etc.)

    Public User Interface:

    An eye-catching application showing data collected by EMT outside of the airport. Added to the website can makes relations with citizens and authorities easier; shown to passengers on the environmental totems it helps to consolidate the reputation of environmentally committed airport.

    It displays:

    • Noise and air quality real-time and historical measurements
    • List of flights departing/landing at the airports
    • Selection filters on landings/departures and the historical period of interest
    • Traced closer to a point on the map
    • Virtual noise: noise perceived at a point on the map
    • PCA: distance between a flight and a point on the map
    • Distance of the flight from the airport
    • Possibly to identify a point on the map by entering the address (geo coding)
    • Manage complaints
  • Noise Monitoring Terminal

    SARA-MM is the noise monitoring terminal developed to be part of the Noise Monitoring System. It works in a network of terminals as soon as stand-alone unit. It is available as permanent, semi-permanent or portable version according to the customer needs. Each unit or the whole network can be remotely controlled and fully managed by SARA software. Noise and meteo data can be acquired, recorded, displayed and transmitted remotely.

    It can operate in the most difficult ambient conditions, it has very low power consumption and can also be equipped with solar panels as well as a series of optional sensors (among them SARA ADS-B receiver).

    For medium-term campaign, the ideal solution is the Eco Trailer Mobile an eco-friendly with very low emission cart equipped with microphones, email alerting system, Data logger, camera, and ADS-B technology for flight track.

  • SARA platform options

    Some examples of options that added to SARA NMS:

    Air quality Monitoring System: air pollution measurement equipment for particulates, CO, NOx, BTX and others. Data are viewed and correlated with airport traffic levels.

    Environmental Totem: A digital touch-screen information panel that shows environmental information in real time to airport travelers (if installed inside the terminal) or to citizens (if installed in public offices). A cutting-edge tool designed for airports that want to get a better reputation guaranteeing transparency and reliability.

    SARA ADS-B: ADS-B receiver for the continuous evaluation of data on the position of aircrafts, in flight and on the ground. Fully integrated with SARA, this receiver can be interfaced with third-party tools, such as Google Earth, to easily provide on-the-spot views of traffic to and around the airport.

    SARA IoT: based on LoRa Technology it allows to monitoring a series of factors as: lighting, indoor air quality/temperature/noise, flow of people, waste, parking, gates, etc.

    EAGLE for Airports: a dedicated suite for airport fleet management, a latest generation web-based system, able to provide real-time map geo-localization of a fleets in the airport. EAGLE provides real-time reports on speeding, idle time, distance driven and CO2 production (useful for Airport Carbon Accreditation). The system also guarantees the safety of passengers and workers with real-time handling of location-related alarms, such as route deviation or changes, unplanned movements or presence in forbidden areas.


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