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Softech S.r.l. provides systems and solutions for the airport sector since 1991, using cutting-edge technologies and higher quality equipments.

Thanks to our 20-year experience, we are able to offer a wide range of tools to monitor, measure and supervise objects and people in motion, as well as the effects they generate: noise, pollution, traffic, safety and security, and much more.

All our products are user-friendly and supported by a set of additional services that help airports in minimizing their environmental impact and building up a strong relationship with travelers and citizens.

Our team of experts work constantly to upgrade and to customize our products according to costumer’s needs, because as Softech, we want to please our clients and contribute to their success, guaranteeing him flexible operations and strategies, adaptability and high system efficiency.

In our work, we always take care of the environment, since we believe in a contained and controlled use of natural resources, and we are committed to the production of products inspired by sustainability principles.

We have a strong international presence, from Milan to Bangkok, from Jeddah to Rio de Janeiro, touching all the major world industrial markets directly or through certified partners.

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Company Profile

  • SARA, Environment Monitoring System

    SARA is an integrated environmental monitoring system (EMS) for detecting noise pollution and air quality in airports and urban areas. It is distributed as a web-based, scalable, modular and tailor-made solution to help SOFTECH’s customers achieve eco-sustainable growth.

    The product integrates data sources, such as permanent or removable noise monitoring terminals, flight radar tracks, ADS-B receiver and flight plans (FIDS) to illustrate the noise impact near airports. Noise monitoring terminals can also be equipped with IP TVCC to record sound and video during flights.

    In according to international regulations, SOFTECH’s certified equipment measure air pollutant agents such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides, ozone, atmospheric particulates, benzene, toluene, xylenes and hydrocarbons methane / non-methane.

    SARA is distributed as a standalone system installed on-site or as a cloud-based service. Using the web interface, both local and remote internet users have access to all SARA functionalities, including reports, flight tracks, real time controls, data analysis and system tools. Different sets of functions and interface languages are available based on their user security profiles (USP).

    SOFTECH has developed a flight track receiver based on ADS-B technology for installations where traditional aeronautical radars are not available.

    SARA RADAR-AIR receives signals generated by ADS-B transponders on aircraft, which allow third-party software systems to display their location in real-time. This information is used to correlate noise impact with flight operations, and assess the perceived noise from stations during flights in real-time.

    SOFTECH offers ‘environmental office’ services to evaluate noise and air quality effects of aircraft flights, providing detailed analysis, documentation and case studies based on the FAA Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT).

    SARA is easy to use and highly customizable; measurement stations can be equipped with meteorologic sensors, which provide the data to be used during automatic and manual data validation, air quality control unit and with solar panel.

  • Environmental Totem

    Innovative, smart and with a high quality/effect graphic interface, SARA TOTEM shows environmental real-time information to airport travellers.


    • Real time flight positions over the airport region;
    • Airport surrounds detail with real time arrival-departures and noise stations levels;
    • Last 5 minutes real time noise level trend;
    • Indicator of last-hour air pollution hazard;
    • Last 24 hours air quality pollution trend;
    • Real time weather information.

    The modularity of the graphical interface allows to compose the different “frames” according to the needs of the end user; For example, it is possible to hide the air quality panel if the system is not equipped with this component.

    The new “TOUCH SCREEN” version allows an interactivity between the passenger and the information system, improving the user’s involvement and increasing his attention/sensitivity towards environmental issues.

    The environmental totem can be supplied in different configurations, according to customer’s needs.

  • SARA Public Viewer

    It is the latest of SARA’s upgrade that shows environmental real-time information to airport passengers and to the community.

    Thanks to this further service, it is possible to display on a map that can be zoomed in and out, aircraft information (Flight number, airline, aircraft type, speed, position, trail and route) and noise data, both in real-time or historical mode; the interface can be changed and you can opt for the smart 3D one.

    Softech can alter the public interface to meet end-users requirements providing information about noise metering stations data, radar and flight data, in order to encounter every specific needs. Access to these information is limited only by the available physical system memory.

    The addition of Public View to SARA system does not require additional costs; furthermore, it is simply to use and simply to add to your airport website.

  • EAGLE: Airport Fleet Management

    We also developed EAGLE, a dedicated suite for airport fleet management, a latest generation web based system, able to provide real-time map geo-localization of a fleets in the airport.

    EAGLE ensure an optimized master data and maintenance management of special vehicles providing real-time reports on speeding, idle time, distance driven and CO2 production.

    The system also guarantees the safety of passengers and workers with real-time handling of location-related alarms, such as route deviation or changes, unplanned movements or presence in forbidden areas.

Company News

New projects at Softech: the development of new sensors based on LoRa (Long Range) technology begins!

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