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Airport Luggage Trolleys, Passenger Guidance Systems and Access Solutions

The sky is the limit for Wanzl passengers!

As a systems supplier, Wanzl is the partner of choice for a large variety of luggage trolleys and for complete trolley management solutions, such as trolley vending and tracking systems.

Furthermore, Wanzl is well-known for a wide selection of access and passenger guidance solutions based on high-quality, reliable and temper proof entrance and exit gates.

Wanzl wishes you always safe travels and happy returns!

Company Profile

  • Luggage Trolleys

    Luggage trolleys for different requirements: Landside trolleys in various designs and materials for the convenient transport of passenger luggage, suitable for even bulky or extra heavy items. Maneuverability, high durability, space saving, best value for money and lowest total cost of ownership are the key factors.

    Airside trolleys are used for transport of carry-on items and duty-free purchases, making the journey from security checkpoint and passport control to the departure gate a pleasant and enjoyable one. Maneuverability and basket volume for shopping are key factors here. Wanzl adds to a positive passenger experience by providing different trolleys for kids, from babies to toddlers.

  • Airport Trolley Management

    Availability of Wanzl luggage trolleys in the right place and at the right time is essential for a perfect trolley management. This does not only include a well-organized supply of trolleys, the recirculation of trolleys to where passengers need them, but it also includes various trolley systems, such as trolley vending, coin lock operation or tracking. This complements in structuring the operation, it can save cost and even open revenue sources.

    Maintenance and inventory work based on RFID technology are adding to an optimized trolley management.

    With over 30 years of experience, the Wanzl team is ready to consult you in finding the most suitable solutions.

  • Access Solutions

    Automated access, together with contactless solutions have become more and more the basis for an efficient terminal operation and passenger handling.

    Wanzl’s unique and design decorated gates, paired with the appropriate software applications make the passenger journey convenient, reliable, fast, and flawless. Keywords that express the Wanzl expertise are lounge access, automated boarding and pre-security check, staff access, allowing fast lane access for first and business class passengers and, for economy class passengers, against a prior payment at one of the Wanzl Vending Units.

    Wanzl has adopted several health and additional safety features in these automated processes as well.


Voyager Evolution 3000

Unique, elegantly designed trolley in premium quality > Lightweight trolley available in two versions to push and pull rows of luggage trolleys > Extended platform for transporting large amounts of luggage > Ergonomic handle with anti-bacterial powder coating The …

Vending Unit NG

Paying trolley release systems /  Trolley guidance via the new rail profile and trolley adapter /  Single or multiple row trolley provision /  A variety of payment options and possibility to use as a deposit system. Coin acceptance with …

Galaxy Gate 1.1

An elegant access gate with innovative technology Front signalling ensures clear customer guidance Integrated running light for easier orientation High level of security thanks to integrated sensors With its extra high safety glass swivel arms and …

Galaxy Port

Galaxy Port - State-of-the-art technology for barrier-free access Toughened safety glass swivel arms for passages up 1,200 mm wide LED glass dome with integrated RFID reader Sensor-controlled two-way direction detection, double-sided Galaxy Port access points open …

Voyager 3000

The Voyager models are used the world over, thanks to their impressive design and reliable technology. Airport operators and service providers appreciate their easy handling, while passengers are impressed by the first-class comfort they afford …

Travel 300

The tried-and-tested design with stable luggage support, the effective brake mechanism with a self-adjusting, maintenance-free brake and the exemplary reliability make the Travel 300 a popular worldwide choice for transporting luggage. Antibacterial carrying handle Plastic …

Travel 400

Used and trusted the world over. The Travel 400 series shows why: the robust, durable design with sturdy luggage support, extreme stability at high loads and effortless operation make this the perfect trolley even under …

Tourist 3000

The reasonably priced Tourist 3000 luggage trolley is compatible to the Wanzl premium model Voyager 3000 and competitor products. Thanks to the use of high-quality, galvanized steel, the trolley is equipped for heavy use at …

Easy 88

The basic airside shopping trolley with simple design at the best price. Easy to push and with a large advertising space for a small trolley. The Easy 88 is a simple shopping trolley for the duty-free …

Easy 400

Compact, sturdy and space-saving. The Easy 400 offers passengers sufficient space for hand luggage and shopping. With large advertising surfaces and four castors, it is a particularly attractive proposition. Compact design Plastic profiles and castor …

Kiddo ® – the pushchair for children

A certified and robust pushchair for your child’s safety /  Heavy-duty design for many years of use /  Washable seat upholstery /  Locking brake as standard. It is particularly easy to steer and moves easily over a variety of …

Kiddolino toddler trolley

Heavy-duty design for many years of use: A comfortable pushchair with safety certificate in accordance with DIN EN 1888:2012. It steers very easily and glides effortlessly over a range of surfaces, really taking the pressure …

Vending unit V21

Vending unit V21 - Interactive vending unit and ticket machine 21” full HD multi-touch display for customisation of your application LED light control for quick and clear operation in the colour of your choice. Modular …

Airport-Shopper NG

The elegant Airport-Shopper NG is fitted with a basket with closed sides and offers a large purchase volume. The Wanzl swivel castors guarantee easy manoeuvrability, while a bumper rail made of high-quality plastic protects the …

Company News

Making a break at the airport something special

Wanzl, the access expert and ICT.aero make use of synergies Wanzl Access Solutions and its strategic partner ICT.aero, experts in airport technology solutions, have a goal in common: to optimise lounge management at the exclusive Pearl …


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