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Airport Baggage/Luggage Trolleys, Passenger Guidance Systems, Shopfitting Systems and Logistics Solutions

The sky is the limit for Wanzl passengers! The smooth-running and manoeuvrable luggage transport trolleys can accommodate suitcases and the like.

As a systems supplier, Wanzl is also the partner of choice for complete trolley management and trolley monitoring. Passenger guidance systems steer passenger flows and ensure that passenger security checks at the airport gates are not only highly precise but also fast and tamper-proof.

Wanzl wishes you bon voyage!

Company Profile

  • Luggage Trolleys

    Luggage trolleys for different requirements: Landside trolleys can transport large items of luggage long distances without any problems. They are easy to push even when heavily loaded and are available in designs suitable for escalators, if the airport facility includes these.

    Airside trolleys are used to transport hand luggage or duty-free purchases. The high-quality craftsmanship with all Wanzl luggage trolleys is synonymous with our company. Our high-quality products also continue to function perfectly for years. We guarantee to provide Wanzl original spare parts quickly in the long term via our after-sales service.

  • Airport Trolley Management

    The constant availability of Wanzl luggage trolleys when required is essential for perfect trolley management. The well-organised supply of trolleys, the recirculation of trolleys via Wanzl collection points and the safe return of whole rows of trolleys to collection points using Wanzl Airport Scooters ensure that work processes are carried out efficiently.

    Maintenance for luggage trolleys and related equipment, so that everything functions perfectly. Wanzl supplies the required original spare parts to replace wear parts.

    The latest software and modern RFID technology make maintenance child’s play and you can keep track of costs.

  • Airport Security Solutions

    Access authorisation and control in various areas with different requirements – staff access, boarding systems, ticket systems for chargeable areas and more. Adaptable systems with readers, scanners or vending machines have been reliably used for many years.

    Reliable separation, simple processes and exemplary service are the objectives aimed for during the development of such systems.

    The introduction of chargeable areas has created the opportunity to generate increased revenue. Wanzl would be pleased to provide you with sample calculations for these.

  • Airport Cart Service (ACS)

    Services connected with luggage trolleys and related equipment. ACS takes over the whole range of services under concession including supplying ultra-modern luggage trolleys and innovative systems.

    All luggage trolley logistics, including cash management, staffing and continuous technical support, are then the responsibility of ACS Airport Cart Service.

    Services for passengers.

    ACS also offers other services on request. Passenger Assistance is a friendly, effective and above all professional service for persons with reduced mobility, for children travelling alone, for providing support with regard to using machines, valet parking or the porter service.


Voyager Evolution 3000/3000 BL

Unique, elegantly designed trolley in premium quality > Lightweight trolley available in two versions to push and pull rows of luggage trolleys > Extended platform for transporting large amounts of luggage > Ergonomic handle with anti-bacterial powder coating The …

Galaxy Gate 1.1

An elegant access gate with innovative technology  - Click here to download the brochure Front signalling ensures clear customer guidance Integrated running light for easier orientation High level of security thanks to integrated sensors With its extra …

Galaxy Port

Galaxy Port - State-of-the-art technology for barrier-free access Toughened safety glass swivel arms for passages up 1,200 mm wide LED glass dome with integrated RFID reader Sensor-controlled two-way direction detection, double-sided Galaxy Port access points open …

Vending unit V21

Vending unit V21 - Interactive vending unit and ticket machine 21” full HD multi-touch display for customisation of your application LED light control for quick and clear operation in the colour of your choice. Modular …

EasyGo turnstile with V7/V21 ticket machine

EasyGo turnstile with V7/V21 ticket machine - Reliable turnstile with integrated ticket machine Reliable access control for paid entry Stainless steel housing Available with 2 or 3 arms EasyGo turnstiles with ticket machine. Guarantee functional reliability …


Technoport® Proven entrance solutions with many functions as standard Multi-talented system to welcome customers and ensure safety An eye-catcher with high-tech functions including radar control, light barriers and anti-panic feature Barrier-free and can be used …

V7 Classic ticket machine

V7 Classic ticket machine – can be used universally Whether cash, ticket or prepaid payment machine, the V7 adapts to your needs. Intelligent cash management 15" PC touch display Reader for prepaid cards Design 15" multi-touch screen with …

Aera® 300 A

Narrow-bodied with a clear geometry and elegantly curved lines: the Aera 300 not only looks good, but is also sure to impress with its manoeuvrability and practical solutions for every detail. Elegant curved design Manoeuvrability …

Aera® 300 L

Narrow-bodied with a clear geometry and elegantly curved lines: the Aera 300 L not only looks good, but is also sure to impress with its manoeuvrability and practical solutions for every detail. Elegant curved design …

Airport-Shopper NG

The elegant Airport-Shopper NG is fitted with a basket with closed sides and offers a large purchase volume. The Wanzl swivel castors guarantee easy manoeuvrability, while a bumper rail made of high-quality plastic protects the …

Airport-Shopper ES

With this unique special model for escalators, customers are able to move safely from one airport level to another with ease. The proven Airport-Shopper ES is available exclusively from Wanzl. Reliable luggage transport – even …

Easy 400

Compact, sturdy and space-saving. The Easy 400 offers passengers sufficient space for hand luggage and shopping. With large advertising surfaces and four castors, it is a particularly attractive proposition. Compact design Plastic profiles and castor …


Solid appearance, manoeuvrable and safe: all features of the Eurosprinter, offering passengers optimum convenience and safety as they transport their luggage on escalators. Solid appearance, manoeuvrable Maximum comfort when transporting on escalators Automatic braking upon …

Travel 300

The tried-and-tested design with stable luggage support, the effective brake mechanism with a self-adjusting, maintenance-free brake and the exemplary reliability make the Travel 300 a popular worldwide choice for transporting luggage. Antibacterial carrying handle Plastic …

Travel 400/Travel 400 Ex

Used and trusted the world over. The Travel 400 series shows why: the robust, durable design with sturdy luggage support, extreme stability at high loads and effortless operation make this the perfect trolley even under …

Voyager 3000/Voyager 3000 EX

The Voyager models are used the world over, thanks to their impressive design and reliable technology. Airport operators and service providers appreciate their easy handling, while passengers are impressed by the first-class comfort they afford …


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