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  • Industrial Brush Manufacturers - TecSolum

    Brush Systems for Sweeping Airport Runways

    Industrial Brush Manufacturers is operating under the brand name TecSolum. This is a combination of ‘technology’ – TEC, which indicates our modern …

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  • KOTI Brushes - Runway Brush Systems

    Runway sweeper brush cassette systems and brush rings for snow, grit and F.O.D removal

    KOTI manufactures runway sweeper brush cassette systems for snow removal. The airport brush system is supplied directly to airports and machine manufacturers. The …

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  • Sajakorpi Oy

    Manufacturer of Technical Brushes for Winter Maintenance of Runways, Taxiways, Walkways and Parking Areas

    SAJAS Group is a manufacturer of technical brushes for airfields and airports. Its success is based on high-quality products and continuous product …

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  • SIB Products

    World Leading Supplier of Airport Runway Brushes

    SIB designed and developed the original cassette brush system for airport sweepers, which is used today in most of the world’s major airports. The …

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