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Baggage Handling and Tracing Software


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  • ALSTEF Automation S.A.

    Airport Baggage Handling, Screening, Sorting & Drop Off Systems

    ALSTEF designs innovative and sustainable solutions for airports Baggage Handling Systems. The French company ALSTEF is one of the major suppliers of BAGGAGE …

    Country: France

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  • BB Computerteknikk AS

    Complete Self-Service solutions for your airport. Self-Service Bag drop, Tagomat, Business Intelligence, Statistics, SCADA, baggage handling systems, consultancy, SBD, BHS

    BBC delivers the future travel experience today! With extensive experience from the aviation industry and deep knowledge of the total travel process we …

    Country: Norway

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  • BEUMER Group

    Airport Baggage Handling Systems

    BEUMER Group is a leading supplier of baggage handling solutions for airports worldwide. We provide fully integrated high-speed, automated baggage handling systems …

    Country: Denmark

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    Electronic Control Systems for Baggage Handling & Air Cargo Handling

    Check-in desks, carousels or inclined planes for the return, belt conveyors, Integration of the x-ray or explosive, shunt systems, sorters or continuous …

    Country: Brazil

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  • Damarel Systems International Limited

    Airport Passenger and Ground Handling Automation Solutions

    Damarel’s suite of products provide advanced passenger and ground handling automation solutions for airports, airlines, ground handlers and systems integrators, optimising processes, …

    Country: United Kingdom

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    Global Partner in Operating and Maintaining Airport Technical Facilities

    Cofely Services, European leader in energy efficiency and environment services, provides customers solutions based on three pillars of sustainable development: Environmental, through …

    Country: Belgium

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  • Herbert Systems

    We design, build, install & support Checkpoint Security and Hold Baggage solutions for the airport industry

    Herbert Systems design, builds, installs & supports Checkpoint Security and Hold Baggage solutions for the airport industry. Since 1972, The R J Herbert …

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • Longest Chance

    Hand-to-Hand RFID Baggage Tracking Systems for Airlines, Airports and Handlers

    Longest Chance includes “ERFID” company, which has 8 years of experience in the field of RFID Based Baggage Operations. Currently, the company …

    Country: Hong Kong

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  • Lyngsoe Systems

    Full Transparency In The Baggage Handling Process

    Lyngsoe Systems offers Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ – an Internet-of-Things platform to increase baggage visibility and improve performance. It provides full transparency of …

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  • Materna GmbH

    Complete Portfolio for Automated Passenger Handling to Airlines and Airports

    Materna is a 360° service provider delivering a complete range of services for automated passenger handling to airlines and airports: covering check-in …

    Country: Germany

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  • PSI Logistics GmbH

    Airport Passenger, Baggage and Air Cargo Processing

    The continuously increasing number of passengers, space restrictions as well as increasing demands regarding availability and service quality require intelligent systems to …

    Country: Germany

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  • Rockwell Collins ARINC Airports

    Airport Operations Management, Systems Integration and Passenger Processing Solutions

    Airports and their passengers are constantly evolving. Airports have an ongoing need to adapt, innovate and envision how to meet the needs …

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • SITA

    Information and communication technology (ICT) provider for the air transport industry

    Transforming air travel through technology SITA is the provider of the broadest portfolio of IT and infrastructure solutions for every sector of the …

    Country: Switzerland

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  • Sky Assist

    Lost and Found Luggage Tracing Software

    Sky Assist is a recognized provider of advanced niche software solutions for the Air Transportation Industry, focusing on Arrival Services, Lost & …

    Country: Belgium

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  • ULMA Handling Systems

    Airport Baggage Handling Systems

    ULMA Handling Systems is a leading supplier of Airport Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) solutions for regional and international airports around the globe. …

    Country: Spain

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  • Vanderlande

    Baggage Handling Systems at Airports

    Reliable partner for value-added logistic process automation at airports Several factors drive investments in the automated hold baggage and passenger checkpoint solutions at …

    Country: Netherlands

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  • Zafire Aviation Software Ltd

    Airport Baggage Management Solutions

    In today’s competitive world of global aviation, Zafire has built a reputation for developing software solutions that help airlines to bring greater …

    Country: United Kingdom

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