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Gatwick Airport to support local business revival through new procurement opportunities

Businesses within Gatwick Airport’s local region are set to be boosted through the airport’s plans to provide new, targeted business opportunities, should its Northern Runway plans be successful. From today, local businesses can register their interest in working with Gatwick as a supplier and sign up to future newsletters, via a simple form on the […]

Gatwick to support local employment with 800 new construction jobs – alongside education and training – if Northern Runway plan is successful

Gatwick Airport has announced it expects to create up to 800 specialist construction jobs from the mid-2020s should the plans to bring its Northern Runway into routine use go ahead. These jobs are part of the overall benefit of 18,400 additional local jobs that could be generated by 2038. Further training, education and procurement opportunities […]

Gatwick proposing to cap aircraft noise – and a more generous Noise Insulation Scheme – if Northern Runway plan is successful

Gatwick is proposing to set a cap (known as an ‘envelope’) on aircraft noise if its Northern Runway is brought into routine use – with the noise limit tightened further as flight numbers grow – to act as an incentive for airlines to increase the number of quieter aircraft they use at the airport.      […]

Cargo volumes to more than double if Gatwick’s Northern Runway is brought into routine use – supporting local businesses and jobs

The volume of cargo handled by Gatwick is forecast to increase to around 350,000 tonnes per year by the middle of the century (2047) – up from 150,000 tonnes in 2019/20 – if the airport’s plan to bring its Northern Runway into routine use is realised.  Cargo volumes would increase to over 200,000 tonnes as the Northern Runway potentially enters service in 2029, growing steadily to over 320,000 tonnes by 2038, before hitting 350,000 by around 2047. […]

Gatwick announces plans to bring its existing Northern Runway into routine use

Gatwick announced yesterday that a public consultation will start on the 9th September 2021 on plans to bring its existing Northern Runway into routine use alongside its Main Runway. The scheme will help secure the airports long-term growth, generating approximately 18,400 additional jobs by 2038 and an additional expected £1.5bn GVA to the region. While […]