MLB series stands for Military Load Bank and represents DW model (Digital WiFi) Dekal is offering. It is specifically engineered to support 270 V DC power source operations. It is rated at 72 kW, divided within 8 kW steps for various values required and integrated 3 line high brightness red LED display. Currently there is no other unit like this one available on market, capable of providing most accurate and detailed measurements with user friendly application included – in order to download your latest PDF test report for later editing or archive. This is how you create power source specific written verification of load test being conducted, which engineers will be able to read and determine unit specific results at all times available either in printed version or stored in digital one.

Furthermore by the requirement of several branches of U.S. Armed Forces we engineered extra test option where an operator is able to test two stages of 28 V DC load within this specific unit.

This mode enables ground crews to simply use selector switch with min 7.5A and max. We cannot go into details why this is so unique for various reasons; however this additional test is based on specific and approved procedure. It is very closely connected with F-35 and F-22 ground operations, where no one else is able to provide you with anything close to this specs.

These military load bank enables both WiFi and USB cable connection within a single unit. You are able to send measurement data to your Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet, so you can save and share measurements from the field with your team anytime, from any location you are at. You do not have to be connected to a web provider or data usage function – off line status will work just fine. It works with military installations where high level of security is required and no emitting source or data transfer is allowed. It only requires your device to be WiFi connectivity capable, where you will log on to your digital load bank secured wireless connection and simply use your browser in order to obtain Dekal’s free license software /application. No prior download is required since it is part of its embedded system within all Dekal digital load banks. This allows you to display various measurements and readings in a real time, saving specific test report you have created in PDF file and send it as an attachment or simply save it to HDD. The application was never meant or designed to operate a load bank; you still require an operative to implement different load settings.