Gateway Aircraft Plug 400Hz


GAP series stands for Gateway Aircraft Plug and offers you to conduct electrical diagnoses at the source, which is an aircraft or load bank. Therefore two different operational scenarios are available/possible:

– GPU + 400Hz AC Cable + GAP-400 + Commercial/Military aircraft’s receptacle.

– GPU + 400Hz AC Cable + GAP-400 + Portable Load Bank’s receptacle (ALB type)

It actually works as an adapter which may be plugged into commercial or military aircraft and then connected with GPU’s cable which provides connectivity power to GAP-400. So it is positioned between aircraft and power source; with quality power analyzers available on the market (Fluke) it enables you to monitor real time values directly at the specific source (Aircraft or Load Bank). You are able to indicate phase rotation, E&F control circuit test and has plug test pins for external measurement device. It is very reliable unit and like every product manufactured by Dekal, it is delivered in compact transport carrying case with handle, an option already included in its original pricing.