Power Analyzer


ANA series stands for Analyzer and has been fully designed, developed and tested by Dekal. It is one of a kind on the market, unique piece of equipment that no one else is able to provide you with. It comes in four different configurations depending on I/O option between GPU and aircraft:

1 x DC input from GPU – to aircraft ANA-028
1 x DC + 1 x AC input from GPU – to aircraft ANA-428
1 x AC input from GPU – to aircraft ANA-040
2 x AC kVA inputs from GPU – to aircraft ANA-440

Analyzer offers totally new aspect in data measuring giving unprecedented opportunities for an operator. Equipped with WiFi and USB support it makes an advanced technological breakthrough when it comes to power consumption analysis of an aircraft or a load bank connected to a GPU. We are talking about resistive, capacitive or inductive measurements for all kinds of load bank or aircraft consumption which can have power factor cos φ 1 or below in this case.

All captured data are measurements simultaneously, such as Volts, Amperes, kW, kVA, kWh, Hz and cosφ. Additional aspect how our Analyzer is being used on field is by having the possibility to determine expenses/costs of ground power by time and kWh. In terms of an aircraft maintenance process it will present you with complete consumption scheme for each and every task avionics are participating with. It is manufactured within the same transport case as all of our portable load banks (only bigger). External voltmeter is also possible to be connected in terms of connection pins (A,B,C,N,E,F).