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We are presenting reactive unit ALBI-56 capable of providing (Power Factor) PF 0.8 environment load test solutions. These apply for Airbus A350, A340, A330 and A320 variants, as well as Boeing models B777, B767, B757 and others. Only this combination allows an operator to perform comparable exact consumption, simulating the same characteristics of given power source as they would appear if an aircraft would actually be connected for apron operations.

Unit is capable to combine with any type or model of 400 Hz AC resistive load bank manufactured
by Dekal, where patented slide-in option proves its simplicity and is optimal solution for any operator. This results in cable-less connection between reactive and resistive load bank, which enables you to simulate any power factor based on your power source specification. The configuration of ALBI-56DW may be either mobile on four wheels or static where 4-point frame adapter may be used; both delivered with standard production configuration.

Although you are using an early 400Hz resistive unit; such as AP-Analog Panel, you are now able to combine it with reactive mobile ALBI-56DW and obtain all load test reports using free Dekal licensed software. Since this is already embedded into the load bank, no application download is required, only device (Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet) which is capable of web connection – no internet required.

This is how you create power source specific written proof of load test and you can always keep such digital version in your archive or print it out and file it in as complete document any engineer will be able to read & determine final results. Although the unit is wireless it requires an operator to manually set the desired values of load. You can monitor live values by front panel instrument and by using your laptop, tablet or even mobile phone. This is great option for an operator to instantly download simple PDF table with all the testing values he just created by applying load. Our worldwide customers constantly provide us with outstanding feedback on simplicity and details Dekal is providing with free licensed software for digital load bank series. Please be advised with DW-Digital WiFi you get both options integrated within single unit; USB cable connection AND wireless (WiFi) connection – the best combination out there!

Contact us for more details at info@gse-info.com or visit our web page www.gse-global.com for details.