ALISS, a powerful and user-friendly CUSS check-in application


ALISS, the IER-EASIER CUSS kiosk application, has been designed for airlines or airports that do not want to invest in the development of a complex custom application or for airport or ground handling companies looking for a turnkey solution for their local use.

ALISS provides a solution for both paper and electronic ticketed passengers or groups, giving them the ability to check-in for one or multiple flights and obtain a boarding pass for same day departure, in just a couple of screens.

Key benefits

  • A turnkey check-in solution for airports and airlines
  • Improves passenger experience at the airport
  • Helps speed-up the check-in process at the kiosk
  • Self-tagging application to avoid counter queues
  • Easy to implement, administer and customize with the airline’s graphic style and business rules
  • Concierge mode allowing agents to perform special transactions onto the kiosk
  • Compatible with most of DCS
  • CUSS standard and US DOT compliant

Some of our key references: LATAM Airlines, Azul Brazilian Airlines, Singapore Changi, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, Air Serbia