Automated Passport Control kiosk


The IER 919 kiosk is also supporting Automated Passport Control applications with fingerprint scanner, camera, passport reader and receipt, plus an APC solution developed in partnership with Airside Mobile. An additional hybrid application for mobiles is also available.

IER-EASIER is the first vendor to introduce a complete product line that includes free standing APC kiosk and a Mobile Passport Control solution, developed in partnership with Airside Mobile which provides the software, processing, and secure data exchange server for the APC and MPC solutions. The Mobile Passport Control solution allows passengers to fill out their customs declaration in advance on their mobile then go straight to the dedicated Passport Control lane at the airport.

Key benefits

  • A secure front-end to customs back-end systems
  • Minimizing the agent’s workload and expedite passengers through Customs
  • Processes passport and flight data, manages declarations, captures passenger photos, scans fingerprints and provides a printed receipt for Customs processing
  • Compliant with ADA accessibility requirements

Some of our key references: San Jose International Airport, Libreville International Airport, Nashville International Airport, San Juan Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport; New York Newark Liberty international Airport; Kansas City International Airport.