NAFFCO manufactures and supplies ambulances for the airports, hospitals and emergency clinics across the globe. We are the leading ambulance provider as we produce mobile ambulances that meet the American Standard (KKK-A-1822F / NFPA1917) and European Standard (EN1789).

Our company also supplies customized and specialized ambulances and medical vehicles as part of our ambulance service. The quality of our ambulance for sale is second-to-none and will provide your ambulance driver or ambulance technician with the required tools to save lives.


  • Ambulance pre-package Ford F-350 Chassis Cab Single Cabin 4X2 or Equivalent for Type I, van chassis for Type II


  • Mechanical slide-out loading platform.
  • External cabinet for electrical service
  • External cabinet with slide out tray for battery.
  • External cabinet for spare wheel
  • External cabinet to accommodate: Foldable stretcher, Stair chair, scoop stretcher, spine board.
  • External cabinet for Oxygen cylinder.
  • Medical cabinet
  • Squad bench built to accommodate second patient.
  • EMPS seat slide and swivel type
  • Assist handle on door entrance.
  • Safety net.
  • Al chq plate on external cabinets and rear of vehicle.
  • Built in vacuum system, 1 action area and 1 no on squad bench area.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT as per choice.
Up to 4 stretcher