Mass Casualty Vehicles


For Airports NAFFCO has introduced a mass causality vehicle which is capable to handle the mass causality or emergency with ease by providing bulk supply of oxygen, stretcher, and other medical facility to save lives.

It can be built on truck mounted chassis as per your choice.

95-person disaster Support Kit

Spine Board 75 pcs
Folding Stretcher 75 pcs
Scoop Stretcher 8 pcs
Medium Industrial lid container 15 pcs
Large Industrial lid container 15 pcs
Oxygen Cylinder jumbo “D” size 90 pcs
Emergency kit- CPR kit, Medi bag class III 20 pcs
Emergency box -CPR kit, explorer 6 pcs
Inflatable tent 1 pc
Rechargeable spotlight 20 pcs
Flagpole 20 pcs
Handheld microphone 1 pc
Helmer 50 pcs
Traffic cones 14 pcs
Trauma kit 12 pcs
Head immobilizer 20 pcs

Casualty support kit can be tailor made to the customer requirement.