Rescue and Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV)


NAFFCO Rescue and Rapid Intervention Vehicles are specifically designed for the operation and command.

NAFFCO RIV offers:

  • Latest wireless communication devices connected to the Central Operation Control room 24/7.
  • Advance CCTV monitoring device which is working in a daytime and night vision under all weather conditions.
  • Customized Rescue equipment installed.
  • Office and meeting room Equipped with all kinds of office equipment (Computer, Printer, Fax …Ext).
  • Suitably installed Broadband Communication System, capable of operating in remote locations, direct from the vehicle, without having to connect to external source.
  • LCD screen wall mounted for the camera with recording device on the workstation.
  • Dashboard will be equipped with all necessary devices.

*Can be designed extendable from both sides or rear for additional room.