Automatic Human Temperature Measurement ThruScan Thermal Module


ThruScan Thermal Scan Module

Operates as standalone or with ThruScan Security Metal Detectors

WiFi Connection is available optionally (ThruScan TSM-LCD-Wf-PC Thermal Scan Module)

ThruScan High Fever Detection Warning During Epidemic Infection Threats


Automatic Human Temperature Measurement ThruScan Thermal Module

Ability to operate together with ThruScan Metal Detectors. Thus contactless, instantaneous screening of people at the same point for both Dangerous Metal Objects and High Fever Detection. This eliminates the risk of contamination as there is no need to send people with high fever to a different area. The Thermal Module can be implemented to our Medium and High Segment Security Metal Detectors.

Thermal Scan Module  has been designed to be used  in high people circulation areas Education Institutions.



Consulates etc..

·         ThruScan Thermal Module:

 ·         Detection of electromagnetic radiation with Microbolometer technology in the Infrared spectrum.

 ·         Contactless between 1 – 5 meters, instantaneous high fever screening – temperature measurement at approximately 800 different points.

 ·         Thermography, thermal imaging, thermal video features (optional).

 ·        Green, Yellow, Red (Presence of FEVER) with LED Lights and audible alarm functions,

the easiest way to use for the operator.

·         Eliminate / isolate / in a room, glass room, cabin or turnstile, ability to quarantine thanks to the relay output.

 ·         Easy programming and selection buttons.

 ·         Remote screening possibility from separate isolated place with a tablet, computer or Kiosk PC monitoring (optional).

 ·         Auto-Calibration. Does not require additional calibration.

 ·         Up to 10 hours operation ability with battery.



Types Unicode Focal Plane Microbolometer
Pixel 320 x 240
Wave-Length Range 7.5 – 14 µm
Sampling Frequency Max: 64 Hz
Thermal Sensitivity 0.06 ºC @30 ºC
Lens Field of View 55 º x 35 º


LCD 3.5” TFT LCD, 640 x 480, Colour
Image Adjustment









Temperature Measurement Range +20 ºC ~ +50 ºC
Temperature Measurement Accuarcy ±0.30 ºC
Temperature Calibration Auto (Short Time, Long Time,   Custom Time)
Measurement Mode Full Screen Maximum, Temperature Tracking, Temperature Alarm (sound, colour)
Emissivity Correction Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0 (in increments of 0.01) or Select From a List of Predefined Materials

Power Supply

Battery Type LiPo Chargeable
Operation Time Continuous Operation for More Than 4 Hours (LCD Brightness 50% when LED Lighting is Off)
Environmental Parameters Operation Temperature 0 ºC ~ +40 ºC
Storage Temperature -40 ºC ~ +70 ºC