Bucher V95t aero – High Speed Runway and Multi Task Airport Sweeper


The V95t aero High Speed Runway and Multi Task Airport Sweeper is a specialised high-speed runway sweeper that utilises special V-formation channels directing debris under the primary suction nozzles for the collection of larger foreign object debris. These primary suction nozzles are followed by a set of full width suction nozzles and a wide sweep brush that pick up finer debris. This innovative sweeping system allows sweeping speeds of up to 40 km/h. With environmental impact at the forefront of considerations, these sweepers are designed to deliver exceptional performance at low engine rpm, so noise and fuel consumption is kept to a minimum.

The V95t also excels at cleaning stands, taxi ways, access ways, removing oil, grease and fuel spills. The V95t can be equipped with an optional front or rear mounted magnet assembly to remove ferrous material from airport surfaces. Powerful blast nozzles on each side of the machine give the capability to blow large quantities of leaves, grass clipping and light debris off running surfaces without filling the hopper.  With it’s innovative sweeping system and wide range of optional equipment, the V95t is ideal for all sizes of airport worldwide, both military and civilian.

  • Chassis 18 tonne 4 x 2
  • Wheelbase 4800mm (minimum)
  • Hopper Capacity 9.5m³
  • Water tank capacity 1500 litres (standard) to 4000 litres (maximum)
  • Working Speed 40 km/h
  • Twin engine drive system
  • Working width 2300mm (3400mm with optional side brushes)
  • Machine length 8400mm (Chassis and option dependant)