Teplex Snow Plough


Innovative, telescopic snow plough, capable of clearing like two snow plough while using just one.

Made up of a fixed, joint-free, structure the Teplex can extend on one or two lateral telescopic elements which makes this plough extremely versatile and very inexpensive to maintain.

The configuration with 2 extendable elements, the Teplex TE90X, has an massive fixed monolithic body with two, independently controlled, telescopic elements that varies significantly the clearing width on each side.

The Teplex can be used in any position from completely open to completely closed and can vary its position while clearing without stopping the working operation.

In order to optimize the scraper blade consumption, especially with polyurethane scraper blade, we developed a set of castor wheels capable of automatically compensate the scraper blade consumption.

This castor wheels leaves the scraper blade always in contact with the ground while avoiding continuous manual adjustment enabling far longer run compared to standard castor wheels.

On top of that Teplex snow plough is engineered to be easy and safe to use, like a traditional snow plough or even more.

The snow plough is all in front of the driver and can be easily and effortlessly operated with just the touch of a control from inside the vehicle cab making manoeuvre comfortable even in tight spaces. The safety valve, which reduces the damage due to lateral impact, automatically adjust its intervention according to the plough width.

A complete range of optional can add new feature or improve operational capability according to your requirements.

  • 3 body type TE90S, TE90D and TE90X
  • Linear width from 3 m up to 7 m
  • Clearing width from 2,6 m up to 5,85 m
  • Weight from 1.400 kg to 2.200 kg
  • CoG from 1.000 mm to 1.050 mm
  • Shield height from 1.000 mm to 1.340 mm
  • Automatically rotation safety valve adjustment
  • Available with polyurethane scraper blade with negative attack angle
  • Available with neoprene scraper blade with negative attack angle
  • Other scraper blade combination on request