Polyx Snow Plough


Monolithic modern snow plough, with HD polyethylene shield and a high yield steel frame.

Available in 4 different main body size and width from 1.4 m up to 6.2 m there is a Polyx plough suitable for most runway, apron, taxiway or collateral areas of an airport.

According to the area to be cleared the Polyx plough can be configured with different type of scraper blade like polyurethane or neoprene.

All the assembly and components are designed to minimize service intervention, lowering maintenance cost and reducing downtime. This results a low TCO with a very high service availability.

The Polyethylene bolted to the structure is totally free from corrosion and, thanks to the minor adhesion of snow on this material, it features an improved snow evacuation and therefore a reduction of the energy required to clear snow.

A complete range of optional can add new feature or improve operational capability according to your requirements.

  • 4 main body size M, L, R and S
  • Linear width from 1,4 m up to 6,2 m
  • Clearing width from 1,2 m up to 4 m
  • Weight from 215 kg to 1.200 kg
  • CoG from 325 mm to 940 mm
  • Shield height from 650 mm to 1.145 mm
  • Shield in high density rust-free polyethylene
  • MF – with polyurethane scraper blade with negative attack angle
  • MC – with neoprene scraper blade with negative attack angle
  • Other scraper blade combination on request