CF33 Military Air Conditioning Unit


The CF33 model is a compact, trailer mounted, Air Conditioning unit designed to satisfy the requirements of many military aircraft varying from Lockeed Martin F16 to Dassault Rafale and Dassault Mirage 2000 in a large range of external conditions. Depending on the cooling or heating mode selection, the air outlet temperature will be maintained at 10°C or 25°C in external conditions between -30°C and +55°C. The unit is also designed to maintain the air outlet moisture below 3g water/dry air kg. The CF33 is powered by utility power. The CF33 is composed with top of the line material, resulting in an extremely low maintenance during its lifetime. This unit utilizes the R134a refrigerant which creates no damage to the atmospheric ozone. The reduced height and the compactness of the unit ensures a good maneuverability and visibility in congested area.