PFA-25 Military Aircraft Loader and Transporter


PFA-25 is a rugged military aircraft loader and transporter. It is self-propelled and self-loadable into military airlift aircraft the size of C-160 and above. PFA-25 carries 5 x 463L military pallets (88″ x 108″) and a maximum load of 25 tonnes / 55,000 lbs. It can also handle most standard pallets (P1P, Type V Airdrop), CDS, ULDs, 6 m / 20 ft ISO containers, loose loads and rolling stock. PFA-25 has a lifting range from 940 mm to 2300 mm and is fully compatible with battlefield airlift (C-295, C-27J and An-32), medium airlift (C-130) and heavy military airlift aircraft (C-17, A400M and IL-76). PFA-25 is designed for rapid reaction deployment by air and the worst military field conditions.